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TOTO Washlet S7 - Elongated Bidet Seat - Sedona Beige

SKU SW4724#12

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The Brand New TOTO S7 Washlet - Sedona Beige

Are you looking for the next level of clean and comfort? Just introduced to the market, the TOTO Washlet S7 is a perfect addition to virtually any bathroom. Choose between two elegant lid styles – a classic beveled design or a sleek contemporary one. The bidet seat's features are easily controlled with an easy to use remote control, which conveniently mounts to the wall. The TOTO S7 does not have an auto open close lid, otherwise it's the same as the TOTO S7A.

Complete Control and Convenience

Experience unparalleled comfort with the TOTO S7 instant water heater, providing warm water as soon as you start.

The built-in water heater also ensures an endless supply of warm wash water, so you'll never have to worry about it running out.

Customize your wash with four modes, two spray variations, and complete control over nozzle position, water temperature, and pressure.

Sleek New Design and Improved Hygiene

The reason the TOTO S7 is able to be so sleek is because of its advanced water heating technology.

Other bidet seats can have bulky tank water heaters that make them uncomfortable to sit on. These bidet seats with tank water heaters have more height in the back and tend to push the user forward.

An ultra slim bidet seat like the TOTO S7 results in a more comfortable sitting experience.

Easy to Use Remote Control

Program your preferred wash settings into the remote using four user presets, ideal for shared use. After the wash, enjoy a gentle dry from the warm air dryer.

You can even flush the toilet via remote control with a compatible auto-flush kit installed (sold separately).

The TOTO S7 Washlet comes equipped with an automatic deodorizer that naturally cleans the air without artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals, ensuring a fresh bathroom environment.

Long Lasting Quality and Comfort

Prioritize health and hygiene with the TOTO S7's EWATER+ sterilization system, cleaning the bidet nozzle and under-seat areas using sterilized, electrolyzed water before and after each use.

The Washlet S7 also pre-wets the bowl before and after use, preventing waste from clinging. For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury, functionality, and stylish design in a bidet seat, the TOTO Washlet S7 is an exceptional choice.

Experience the upgraded features of the TOTO S7 Washlet

  • Cutting-edge bidet functionality: Experience advanced hygiene and cleanliness with ease.
  • EWATER on wand and bowl: Keeps your bidet pristine after each use, reducing manual cleaning.
  • PREMIST: Mists the bowl and under the seat for easier cleaning.
  • Gentle warm water spray: Oscillating and pulsating features for a thorough cleanse.
  • Adjustable settings: Customize nozzle, temperature, and pressure for comfort and convenience.
  • Instant water heater: Consistent warm water and energy savings.
  • Warm air dryer: Five temperatures for optimal drying.
  • Automatic deodorizer: Keeps your bathroom smelling fresh.
  • Memory settings: Personalized options for up to 4 users.
  • User-friendly docking station: Eases cleaning and installation.
  • Heated seat: Comfort during colder days.
  • Pearl white remote control: Stylish and functional adjustments.
  • Night light: Safe and easy nighttime visits.
  • Seamless Seat design: Sleek and prevents dirt build-up.
  • Auto-Flush compatible: When combined with the new auto-flush kit (sold seperately) 

TOTO S7 Resources

TOTO Washlet S7 Product Specification Sheet

TOTO S7 Classic -  SW4724#12

TOTO S7 Contemporary -  SW4726#12

TOTO S7 Installation Information

When you're in the market for a bidet seat, it's essential to keep a few key factors in mind:

  • ensuring your toilet is compatible
  • having convenient access to a water source
  • GFCI electrical outlet is within 3 feet of the toilet

These considerations will help you make the right choice for your bathroom upgrade

For bidet seats like the TOTO S7, an electrical outlet within 4 feet is required. The S7 Washlet can be easily installed at home without a plumber by just following the included installation instructions.

While you could opt for a plumber to do the install for you, it's certainly not required.

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TOTO Bidet Toilet Seat Contemporary TOTO S7 Washlet - Elongated Bidet Seat - Sedona Beige

TOTO Washlet S7 - Elongated Bidet Seat - Sedona Beige