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VOVO is a reputable brand based out of South Korea but with offices and warehouses in the U.S. They have a wide range of products that have won many design awards, including the prestigious “IF” award in Germany in 2014 and 2020. 

VOVO’s line of products include electric bidet seats and integrated bidet toilets. The bidet seats are definitely on the affordable side and come packed with many of the features you’re looking for. 

A deodorizer, heated seat, adjustable warm water and a warm air dryer are all included with the VB-4000SE / VB-4100SR electric bidet seat for only $399.

While their selection of bidet seats is impressive, VOVO is perhaps best known for its line of integrated bidet toilets. Each of them are works of stunning design, but at half the price of a comparable smart toilet from other top suppliers. 

The best selling of these smart toilets would be the TCB-090SA, which rivals anything else out on the market.

Its square seat design offers a more comfortable sitting experience for the user, while still being ergonomic and sleek.  

This integrated bidet toilet includes UV-LED sterilization as well as an auto open/close lid, in addition to many standard electric bidet features. 

VOVO should be a top consideration for anyone looking for a high quality bidet at a lower price than other comparable products. Let us help you find the right one for you.

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