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30-60 Day Risk Free Trials - Click Here to Learn More


TOTO Washlets

TOTO Washlets have almost become synonymous with bidet toilet seats these days.

Popular in Japan since the 1980’s, these wonders of technology have changed the way people clean themselves all over the world. With over 50 million sold worldwide since their inception, it’s safe to say that the TOTO Washlet has made its mark.

In June of 2023 TOTO announced that it was discontinuing the popular Washlet S550e bidet seat and replacing it with the S7A Washlet.

toto washlet s7a side view

This state-of-the-art seat comes with all the more standard Washlet features:

  • Deodorizer - to keep your bathroom smelling fresh 
  • Air dryer - reduce or eliminate the need for toilet paper
  • Adjustable heated seat - stay comfortable on chilly mornings

 But the TOTO Washlet S7A also comes with a range of unique features

  • An automatic open/close lid - uses a motion sensor to open and close when you approach or walk away for a completely hands-off experience.
  • A seamless seat - removes a space on the underside of the seat that can collect dirt and grime
  • EWATER+ is used as PREMIST on the toilet bowl and sprayed on the wand and under the seat before and after each use.     
  • 4 User Presets - customize your settings and save them for use every time  

The brand new TOTO Washlet S7A is available to order now. Be one of the first to own this new top-of-the-line TOTO bidet seat and see for yourself why so many people choose TOTO Washlets for their personal hygiene upgrade and improve your bathroom experience today.