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Dignity Lifts Bidet Toilet Lift - WL1 - Will Ship December 14th

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WL1 Bidet Toilet Lift Features

  • Sleek design: Enhances your bathroom's aesthetics, making it modern and stylish.
  • Fully integrated bidet: Offers superior cleanliness without the need for extra toilet paper.
  • Easy to use: Ensures quick and straightforward operation, minimizing hassle.
  • Multi-function remote control: Personalize your experience by customizing the functions to your preference.
  • Stainless steel spray nozzle: More sturdy and hygienic than plastic
  • Adjustable water temperature: Enjoy a comfortable cleanse with your preferred water temperature.
  • Adjustable pressure: Choose the pressure level for a comfortable and effective wash.
  • Two different nozzle positions: Ensures a precise and thorough cleanse for different needs.
  • Adjustable Air dryer: Dry off comfortably and efficiently at your desired temperature.
  • Heated seat: Experience warmth and comfort, especially during cold days.
  • Automatic deodorizer: Keeps your bathroom smelling fresh and clean after use.
  • Front and back wash: Ensures optimal functionality tailored to gender-specific needs.
  • Night light: For safe late night trips to the bathroom
  • Full 14" of lift: Assists those with mobility issues, making bathroom use more accessible.
  • 4 wide feet: Guarantees stability and sturdiness, ensuring safety during use.
  • Versatile design: Works with almost all toilet shapes and heights, ensuring compatibility and making it suitable for a variety of homes.
  • Easy installation: Uses your existing water supply
  • Lift controls with warning alarm: Provides an added layer of safety and convenience.
  • Requires electricity: Please make sure there is a nearby electrical outlet
  • 300 lb. capacity: Ensures durability and supports a wide range of users.
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Meet the Ultimate Bathroom Helper: The Dignity Lifts WL1 Bidet Toilet Lift

Are you looking for a way to avoid needing help standing up from the toilet while also improving your hygiene? Feel clean and refreshed every time you use the bathroom and make everyday life so much easier with this top-notch bidet toilet lift combo.

The WL1 Bidet Toilet Lift from Dignity Lifts isn't just a helping hand; it combines practicality with some amazing cleaning features you'll love.

Sit down and get up with ease, and enjoy the bonus of having a built-in bidet and blow dryer that will wash and dry you before lifting you up safely to your feet. 

For anyone who finds standing up from the toilet a bit difficult, the WL1 Bidet Toilet Lift will be your new best friend. Stay safe at home and ensure you're comfortable every time you have to go.

Don't want to compromise your bathroom decor? The WL1 Bidet Toilet Lift comes with a sleek design that fits right in. Plus, it's packed with handy features that make each bathroom trip smooth and easy.

This isn't just about making bathroom trips much easier. It's about keeping your independence.

Some folks think that as we age, we need more help. But with the Dignity Lifts WL1, you've got a solution that lets you handle things on your own, right in the comfort of your home.

Simplicity, style, and independence – that's what the WL1 Bidet Toilet Lift is all about.

Dignity Lifts Bidet Toilet Lift WL1 Owners Manual

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    Kieth Karst

    Dignity Lifts Bidet Toilet Lift - WL1

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