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Call for Special Pricing! 707-297-3991


Wall Hung Toilet with Bidet

Elevate Your Bathroom with a Wall Hung Toilet and Bidet Combo

Looking for a fancy wall hung toilet with bidet included? Shop our comprehensive collection of wall-hung toilets with bidet features, combining modern design and advanced hygiene technology. 

TOTO Neorest WX1 Wall Hung Bidet Toilet

Our collection includes top brands like TOTO, known for their innovative and high-quality products. These wall-hung toilets provide a sleek, space-saving solution with integrated bidet sprays for enhanced cleanliness and comfort.

Whether you're searching for the best wall-hung toilet with bidet or a TOTO Wall-Hung Toilet with bidet, we've got various options to meet your needs.

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  • $2,999.00
    Swan Swan Wall Hung Bidet Toilet

    The S Pro Wall Mount unit is a multifunctional toilet and bidet that brings a luxurious experience to your bathroom. Equipped with hands-free autom...

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