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TOTO EP Washlet + S7A Wall Hung Toilet - 0.9 and 1.28 GPF


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Elevate Your Bathroom Space With the EP Washlet + S7A

Are you looking to update your bathroom decor and hygiene all at once? The TOTO EP WASHLET+ S7A Wall-Hung Toilet offers an unparalleled blend of style, hygiene, and innovation, designed to elevate both your bathroom's decor and your personal comfort. This bidet and toilet combo enhances bathroom luxury with advanced cleansing technology, all while saving valuable space in the process.

Elevate Your Bathroom Experience

With its sleek, space-saving design, the TOTO EP WASHLET+ S7A enhances the luxury and functionality of any bathroom.

The system includes advanced features such as an auto open/close lid for touchless operation and an auto flush feature that ensures a hands-free, hygienic flushing experience every time.

Ultimate Comfort and Hygiene with the TOTO S7A Washlet

The TOTO S7A elevates bathroom luxury with cutting-edge features, including an automatic open/close lid for hands-free convenience and EWATER+ technology that keeps the bidet pristine with electrolyzed water.

It offers a gentle warm water spray with oscillating and pulsating features, adjustable settings for nozzle position, water temperature, and pressure, ensuring a personalized and comfortable cleansing experience.

With its sleek design, instant water heater for consistent warm water, and a warm air dryer with five temperature settings, the TOTO S7A Washlet is the epitome of comfort and hygiene in modern bathroom fixtures.

Advanced Cleansing Technology at Your Fingertips

The easy to use remote control for the Washlet S7A comes equipped with 5 adjustable spray settings, allowing users to customize their cleansing experience to their personal preference.

The heated seat provides warmth and comfort, especially appreciated during colder months, while the warm air dryer offers an eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper.

An automatic deodorizer ensures that the bathroom remains fresh, and a gentle nightlight helps with nighttime bathroom visits, making it a perfect blend of functionality and comfort.

Sustainable and Efficient

The TOTO EP WASHLET+ S7A is not only about comfort, but also about sustainability and efficiency.

Its universal height and adjustable mounting height ensure comfortable use for all ages and abilities, while the robust design supports up to 880 lbs, making it suitable for both commercial and residential use.

Elevate your daily routine with the TOTO EP WASHLET+ S7A Wall-Hung Toilet – a synthesis of style, innovation, and practicality that brings ultimate comfort and hygiene to your fingertips.

Washlet S7A Features

  • Auto Open/Close Lid: Adds a touch of luxury and convenience, minimizing contact with the toilet.
  • Gentle Warm Water Spray with Oscillating and Pulsating Features: Provides a thorough, gentle cleanse, improving personal cleanliness and comfort.
  • Adjustable Settings: Allows customization of nozzle position, water temperature, and pressure to suit personal preferences, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience.
  • Instant Water Heater: Delivers consistent warm water for comfort while offering energy savings by heating water on demand.
  • Warm Air Dryer with Five Temperatures: Offers optimal drying after use, reducing the need for toilet paper and enhancing comfort.
  • Automatic Deodorizer: Keeps the bathroom smelling fresh, improving the overall bathroom environment.
  • Memory Settings for Up to 4 Users: Enables personalized settings for multiple users, ensuring a customized experience.
  • User-friendly Docking Station: Simplifies installation and keeps the remote handy
  • EWATER: Auto-cleans bidet wand and toilet bowl after every use, ensuring cleanliness without the need for harsh chemicals.
  • PREMIST: Helps to prevent waste from sticking, making cleaning easier and maintaining a cleaner bowl.
  • Multifunction Pearl White Block-style Remote Control: Provides easy access to all features, enhancing convenience and usability.
  • Heated Seat: Enhances comfort, especially in colder climates, for a more pleasant bathroom experience.
  • Seamless Seat Design: Offers a sleek look and prevents dirt build-up, making cleaning simpler and more effective.
  • Night Light: Improves visibility during nighttime use, enhancing safety and convenience.
  • Auto Flush: Provides hands-free flushing for improved hygiene and convenience.

EP Wall Hung Toilet Features

  • DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH®: Ultra-efficient flushing (1.28 GPF / 0.9 GPF) saves water and reduces bills.
  • CEFIONTECT® Glaze: Minimizes waste adherence for easier cleaning and less chemical use.
  • Universal Height: Ensures comfortable use for all ages and abilities.
  • Adjustable Mounting Height (15”-19”): Customizable for user comfort and space saving.
  • Space-Saving Design: Frees up to 9” of floor space, ideal for smaller bathrooms.
  • Supports up to 880lbs: Offers robustness for both commercial and residential use.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Suitable for commercial (2” x 6”) or residential (2” x 4”) setups.
  • Copper Supply Line: Ensures durability and reliable performance.
  • Matte Silver Push Plate: Adds a modern touch with functional elegance.

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TOTO Bidet Toilet Combo TOTO EP Washlet + S7A 0.9 and 1.28 GPF

TOTO EP Washlet + S7A Wall Hung Toilet - 0.9 and 1.28 GPF