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TOTO Washlet + Combos

TOTO, a well-known Japanese brand, has been a leader in practical bathroom solutions.

One of their standout products is the TOTO Washlet+ bidet toilet combination, which combines a traditional toilet with a compatible bidet Washlet seat. 

The TOTO Washlet+ bidet toilet combo is a simple yet effective way to upgrade your bathroom. It brings together the Washlet and toilet in a way that makes sense both in terms of function and aesthetics.

T40 Toilet Explained

With the TOTO Washlet+ system, you get a T40 toilet. This toilet is made to work perfectly with TOTO Washlet+ bidet seats.

The cool thing about the T40 toilet? It has a special hole at the back, close to where the seat attaches. This hole lets you connect the Washlet+ seat's water hose and power cord neatly, hiding them behind the toilet. So, you end up with a clean, tidy look without any hoses or cords sticking out.

Washlet +

So, there are two main types of TOTO Washlet: the regular one and the Washlet+. What makes the Washlet+ special? It's designed just for TOTO T40 toilets.

The Washlet+ has its power cord and water hose placed at the bottom of the seat. This design means you can hide these parts through a special hole in the T40 toilet, giving your toilet a neat, clean look, much like those fancy all-in-one bidet toilets.

Besides looking neat, the Washlet bidet seat adds to personal cleanliness and comfort after each use. Together with the toilet, they work great and look even better.

New Washlet+ combos

The brand new TOTO S7A Washlet is replacing the TOTO S550e and is taking the bidet world by storm. The new “best bidet seat money can buy” is now our best selling bidet seat and is also compatible with other T40 toilets. 

So if you’re looking to replace your S550e Washlet and upgrade to the new TOTO S7A as part of a Washlet+ combo, you can do that!

The new SKUs for the Washlet S7A are SW4734AT40#01 and SW4736AT40#01, which you’ll notice have “T40” in their code. This means that these new Washlets are compatible with both T40 and regular toilets. 

The TOTO Washlet+ bidet toilet combo is about making bathrooms more functional and look better. TOTO really thought about the user's needs and how to make the whole setup fit well in any bathroom.