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TOTO Aquia IV Washlet+ S7A One-Piece 1.28 and 0.9 GPF

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  • High-tech electronic bidet seat
  • DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH® utilizes 360º cleaning power to reach every part of the bowl 
  • Ultra high-efficiency dual flush 1.28 GPF / 0.9 GPF (4.8 LPF / 3.4 LPF) 
  • CEFIONTECT® ceramic glaze minimizes waste from sticking to porous ceramic surfaces 
  • Completely skirted design for a sleek and understated look that's easier to clean
  • Universal Height 
  • Heated seat 
  • Deodorizer
  • Warm Air Dryer
  • Chrome plated trip lever 
  • 12" Rough-in 
  • Elongated front bowl toilet and WASHLET+ S7 set 
  • EWATER+® auto-cleans wand and bowl after every use 
  • PREMIST® automatically mists the bowl before each use 
  • Multifunction pearl white block-style remote control 
  • Night light 
  • Auto flush (optional)

TOTO Aquia IV Washlet+ S7A One-Piece

Looking for a way to feel fresh and clean after using the bathroom? Introducing the TOTO Aquia IV WASHLET + S7A Bidet toilet combo. Its design masterfully conceals the power cord and water supply hose, ensuring a seamless and elegant presentation.

With TOTO's state-of-the-art EWATER+ system, the WASHLET® S7A delicately mists the wand and bowl, making harsh cleaning agents a thing of the past. The PREMIST® feature moistens the bowl's surface, facilitating efficient waste removal and a pristine clean.

Operate the WASHLET with a lavish, illuminated touch button remote, tailored to remember the preferences of up to four users. Among its luxury features are five spray settings, an automated lid mechanism, a warming seat, a discreet nightlight, and instantaneous water heating.

The reimagined lid design sits flush with the toilet bowl, eliminating a gap where dirt and grime can collect. With a skirted design that gracefully conceals the trapway, this creation enhances the grandeur of any restroom.

Its Universal Height ensures a comfortable seat for a myriad of users. The Aquia IV, featuring TOTO’s DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH®, delivers unparalleled 360-degree cleaning prowess.

The Aquia IV also boasts CEFIONTECT®, a refined ceramic glaze preventing waste adhesion, synergizing with EWATER+ and DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH to reduce cleaning frequency, thus conserving water, chemicals, and precious time.

The Aquia IV's interior design also minimizes water turbulence, offering a quieter flush experience. Embrace the future with the new Auto Flush kit, which ensures an automatic flush post-use. The absence of buttons or handles speaks of modernity and hygiene. The chrome centerpiece atop the tank empowers users to conserve water, choosing between a light 0.9 GPF rinse or a more robust 1.28 GPF.

SKU: MW6464736CEMFGNA#01 / MW6464736CEMFGN#01

TOTO Aquia IV Washlet + S7A One-Piece Spec Sheet

Customer Reviews

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Edward K
Wife is extremely happy!!!

When we decided to remodel our bathroom, my wife asked if we could upgrade our toilet to a bidet toilet. I thought it was a great idea. So we went down to the local plumbing specialty store. They told us that it would take 6-8 weeks to get a bidet toilet. We didn't want to wait that long so we decided to look online. Right away we found premierbidets.com. Their website was very informative and really helped us decide which model we wanted. Once we were ready to order, we were concerned about how long it would take to get. I emailed premierbidets.com about our concern. In a short time later I received a reply from John Grant, the owner of premierbidets.com. He assured me that most bidets ship within a week of ordering. We placed our order right then and 2 days later I received an email saying that our bidet toilet had shipped. One week after that we received it. We just had it installed this weekend. My wife is extremely happy!!! Not only does she have her dream bathroom, but we saved over $1000 from what the plumbing store wanted for a bidet toilet. Thanks John!

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