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Call for Special Pricing! 707-297-3991
Call for Special Pricing! 707-297-3991

Premier Bidets Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Their service matches their service-Premier!

John had excellent follow through and supplied information regarding numerous bidets. I would highly recommend !!!


Exactly what we were looking for the new bathroom and was delivered quick and seamless.

Ultra-NOVA Bidet Seat
Karin Nahmmacher
Question re night light

My question was resolved! Thank you!

Great product, even better customer service!

Premier Bidet is a joy to order from. I called to get them to match a competitors price, and the call was immediately answered in person and the price match completed on the spot. I then got text messages confirming my order. It was clear the texts were from ownerships private phone. I was able to respond via text and ask questions via text and I was always cheerily answered! Within a week, I had my bidet, but found an even cheaper price online. I texted Premier Bidet, and to my very happy surprise, he met the price and refunded me the difference!!! This is a great company to do business with, providing ‘old school’ customer service you just don’t see anymore!
And the product is amazing.


First, I want to compliment the gentleman that helped me from Premier Bidet. He was amazing help. I am grateful!!

Second, I wanted luxury and I am beyond pleased. I am updating my home and this gives an important finishing touch.

Well done Premier Bidet, I am as impressed by the customer service as I am the bidet.

One of the Best, If Not the Best

Excellent design, well made and Premier Bidets is fast in delivery and quick to respond. Do not hesitate to buy from them.

Stellar service

I had questions about different models and features. I called and had all of my questions answered. Very knowledgeable staff. Wonderful shopping experience. Shipping was fast.

Very Happy

We purchased the Toto G450 from Premier Bidet. You can trust Premier Bidet. We originally ordered from a different supplier who made promises about availability and deliver date. We canceled order when after finding out bidet wasn’t available and delivery date at least four weeks later than promised. Premier Bidet knew within a day when the toilet would be picked up and delivered by shipper. Plus there was no damage to packaging when it arrived.
We originally were going to purchase a bidet seat but didn’t like the look. Not having an ugly water tank sitting on top of the toilet shows off more of our tile wall in the bathroom. We love the look of our new bidet. I did have to move the water supply line a few inches and install an electrical outlet. I completed installation in less than a day.
Really glad we bought from Premier Bidet. Great customer service.

Amazing Customer Service

I appreciate good customer service. I am seldom surprised by outstanding customer service. Premier Bidgets is beyond outstanding. The timely communication, the shipping flexibility, the follow-up. I was impressed with everything about this company.

Works great!

Installs easy and works as expected.
I have the TOTO S7 with a single flush Drake toilet. The S7 was trying to do a light flush when both seats were lifted. Had to call TOTO support to reset the S7 for single flush and all is well.

The steps provided by support were not in a manual that I could find.

Steps to reset S7 for single flush:
1. Hold Front Wash and + for 10 seconds
2. Press - > + > - (flashes twice, 2 long beeps)
3. Hold Front Wash and + for 10 seconds
4. Press Rear Wash > - > Rear Wash (Flashes twice, 2 long beeps = Complete.)

Ultra-NOVA Bidet Seat
Rhonda Phillips
Love it!

My husband had a hard time installing because we have a smooth toilet but after some adjustments I finally got to experience the bidet. It is beyond my expectations. John who is the CEO of Premier answers the phone if you have concerns or a question! He was a pleasure to do business with. His website is easy to place an order. Highly recommend this business and highly recommend the ultra nova +


Very happy with everything. Works great and very comfortable

Toto Neorest LS Nickel

Great company, speedy, delivery good communication

Fast excellent company

Huge Help!

This toilet lift has provided a huge help in maintaining my independence! I can be self sufficient for much longer and not require someone to help me on or off the toilet.

Very good for the price but has a few notable issues you need to consider

Very good for the price. Feature set and performance are very good. Water heating is fast and consistent (past initial burst which is actually on the hot side). Overall we are pleased with it for the price we paid.

There are a few negatives that would make this closer to a 3 if we didn't take comparative price into the equations. First is poor instructions around things like mounting that don't even cover what to do with some washers that it comes with. The packaging and instructions are strangely extremely fancy and laminated but with some broken english and the same errors/omissions that user complaints about go back years. They spent a lot more money and effort on making the instructions look fancy than making them good. Also, even though I've snugged it as much as I'm can without feeling like I might damage it, I still get some movement on the seat as well and have to adjust it time to time.

The only issue that has us considering getting a different model for our other toilets is that there is no way to schedule when the seat is heated and there is no memory so all settings are cleared when power is cut. So you have to waste power 24x7 on seat heating if you want it, even if you are only home & awake for 1/4 of the day. You can't use a smart plug to cut the power on a schedule either as it doesn't remember settings so you have to re-set any non-defaults every time power is removed. Lack of multiple user settings is a negative as well but less irritating that the 24x7 power usage and lack of memory.

Awesome toiler

installation was done by plumber. The dual flush is amazing get all off toilet. Squeaky clean toilet at all time. Boys are having a hard time aiming gets the back of the toilet I guess is my only quarrel. The water shots are nice and smooth not jet like, which I like and still does its job of leaving you clean. Definitely will buy again.

Best purchase ever!!!

This bidet is wonderful. I love everything about it including the seat warmer, pressure and temperature options. I would encourage anyone to not overthink it and just buy it. You will not regret it. In addition, customer service is wonderful. I had a few questions and got responses quickly and accurately.

Good communication & easy to work with

I highly recommend Premier Bidets. They were informative & helped me choose the right Toto wall hung toilet for me. It arrived as stated it would. Very personable to work with.

Excellent product & Excellent Service

We bought three TOTO Aquia IV + S7A Two-Piece 1.28 and 0.9 GPF - Universal Height to replace our current toilets. We talked to John at Premier Bidet. He was very responsive and worked with us to select the right products. We got a very good price. The product was delivered on date we requested it to be delivered. We ran into a little problem during installation due to lack of knowledge of the installer. But, john worked with us and suggested alternative solutions. However, we could find another knowledgable installer who could install it without any issues. We have been use the toilet for almost a month. We are very happy with the product. More importantly I am very happy with the service I received from Premier Bidet. I will not hesitate to buy any products from Premier Bidet in future and will recommend Premier Bidet to anyone who is in the market to shop for toilets now or in future.

Ultra-NOVA Bidet Seat
Leslie in Maine
Love it!

Have wanted one of these for many years, my husband did research and this one seemed to be best one on market. I am thrilled to now have one of these ultra nova bidet seats. It’s everything I hoped it would be!


This is a very good product we are good with it except for the handles. In fact, I have considered removing the chair from the toilet because the handles get in the way. If the handled were moveable to the side and up we would be able to move them out of the way resulting int safer transfers in and out of the lift chair. My patients ability to turn is very limited making it very difficult to get in and out because the side rails are in the way. If the side handles were moveable to the side or up this would make the chair 100 percent useful.

My bidet seat is everything advertised, and does a good job cleaning #2
There's a bit of hula work to get at the rest, but now using a non bidet seat is almost a surprise! Very occasionally I would like to turn off the water pre flow before actual use, no big problem; I just like to conserve water.

What a great experience!

My experience with Premier Bidets was nothing short of amazing. John really offers top tier customer support and you can tell he wants people fully satisfied with their purchases.

The ultra-nova itself is a fantastic bidet and while I only have experience with two other bidets (a cheap Tushy bidet and a $15k bidet at the Beverly Hills hotel) I would have to say that this is much closer to the experience I got with the top of the line bidet in Beverly Hills. Easy to install, comfortable, works well, and makes you feel CLEAN. I wish I had gotten auto flush version, but since we didn’t have a top flushing toilet, it was not a possibility for us. Maybe on the next one. I’ll define buying from Premier Bidets again in the future!

Premier Bidets - Excellent Service and Communications

We purchased a TOTO Auto-Flush Kit THU857 for Washlet S7 and S7A - Single Flush Toilets from Premier Bidets. I was looking for a brief explanation on the product and installation. The person who answered the phone was easy to speak with, and provided a detailed explanation of the product being purchased. The service and communication was excellent. I would definitely purchase from them again.