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Premier Bidets Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
It was just installed yesterday

Well, it took three days for this toilet to cross the country, and 14 days to go the last 140 miles. It finally arrived, the plumber was scheduled, and it was just installed yesterday.

The 700H is a big upgrade from my 14 year old Neorest 500, both in size and features. I had some limitations with existing walls and cabinetry but John at Premier Bidets was incredibly helpful in getting me specs so I could make the best choice for the location. I was worried that I might have to change some cabinetry, but the 700H fits perfectly, with a couple of inches to spare.

I can’t recommend Premier Bidets enough. John was very helpful. I would definitely purchase from them again.

Best price for the best stuff

Have been searching different sites to buy my dream TOTO Bidet, found this site seemed had the best price so I sent email to contact the site. Surprisingly received instant response and addressed all my questions during a weekend!

After back and forth, finally purchased a TOTO bidet and a S7 washlet seat. All arrived quickly. Great stuff, definitely unbeatable price after the discount!


Toto bidets

Received Toto Bidet a week early— very prompt delivery. It was exactly as advertised. Great price for an important part for personal hygiene. It was relatively easy to install, if there is an electric outlet nearby. This works well and has no problems. I received

Experience online ordering was good but still do not have toilet after two weeks. Delivery company hired set up two separate delivery days with 4 hour windows and “no showed” both times without any call or heads up. Had to call back on my own to inquire what the status was after 4 days. Tentatively scheduled for tomorrow. Will see if they show.

Love my neorest LS

This toilet is wonderful! It’s a relaxing experience to go to the bathroom and I feel so clean afterward. Premier bidet was great to deal with and I am delighted with my purchase.

Great Experience

It was great working with Premier Bidets. They answered all my questions and helped me select the best Toto Toilet + Washlet for my project needs. The purchasing experience was very good, and I received the toilets quickly.

TOTO Neorest LS Bidet Toilet
Elizabeth Belenchia

What a surprise when I called Premier Bidets on a Saturday afternoon and got John to answer. I knew what I wanted and he efficiently responded. After we completed the order and scheduled delivery, he told me I would be the first person in the USA to receive the new model! We had an older model and are very excited about the improvements in functionality.
Thank you John for the quality service!

Outstanding Customer Service and Gast Shipping

I can’t say enough about Premier Bidets. Great deals, outstanding customer service, and fast shipping. I’m going to order all my bidets from them!

S7A - one amazing product and better than last model

this is the flagship of toilet seats... not only is the family enjoying the experience, but the ease and use is incredible... totally new remote and functions make this toilet seat event better.. .highly recommend.. installed it 3 months ago and loving it still today. it is a pain to use public or hotel bathrooms.. i am ready to come home and use this bad boy

Love my Toto RS

I love the Toto RS, and was so pleased with John from Premier Bidets. John was so knowledgeable about the product, and helped me to make sure that it was the correct integrated bidet for my needs. The price was great, and Premier Bidets professionally delivered it in just a few days.

The Toto RS is amazing, it is quiet, reliable, and full of features. The only thing that I would update on this toilet is to give it a touchscreen remote.

Honest Company at a GREAT Price

These people say what they do and do what they say! Seriously honest people! Highly recommend!

Great service!

John helped every step of the way, even answering questions after delivery!


Awesome! Wifey still scared of it but...

A waste of a lot of money

We couldn’t if it worked until my dad tried it. It was not helpful and then could not return. What a disaster for both my dad and my mother who is struggling to care for him

a larger spray area

I would like to se a little more larger spray area, I think that would be a big help in cleaning area.

A bit expensive and not quite perfect considering the cost, but does what it is supposed to do mo...

This is a review of the S7 contemporary style.

Included with the bidet seat is the instruction manual (3 languages), an install manual, the remote with batteries and mounting hard for the remote, the mounting hardware for the seat, an instructional diagram for the remote, and the T-connector. I found the install manual not very helpful and instead watched a video online.

Installation was fairly easy though, especially after watching the instructional video online. It literally took about five minutes to install.

I have been wanting a bidet seat ever since a trip to Japan and getting “surprised” when I sat on one in a Japanese hotel. It was admittedly a shock at first, but I quickly saw the value of having one. My first obstacle of course is that most homes are not set up for electricity in the toilet area. This was the issue in my home until I had an outlet added into the area that would allow for me to add one.

I settled on the Toto mainly because of the reputation and reliability of the brand. After all, they did invent these decades ago. I also wanted a bidet with features that allowed flexibility for multiple users, male and feature, and adjustable features allowing for different comfort settings.

This has a great number of features. You can adjust the water pressure, the water temperature, the seat temperature, the nozzle location, the type of spray, the location of the spray and a number of other things. This doesn’t have the open/close feature, which is cool, but to me, not worth the price difference of the S7A. Like the S7A, this also is compatible with an auto flush feature, which also wasn’t necessary for me, but might be beneficial for families with young children.

The remote is ok, but could be organized better and I really don’t understand why this would not have an LED display to make this simpler to use with less buttons. This is the first remote I have seen with buttons on the front and back, which can be a bit confusing.

The other big complaint is that this bidet seat is expensive, excessively so, in my opinion, especially considering this only has a one-year warranty. There are cheaper, less known brands that have better warranties, so it is shocking that the leader in bidets have the worst warranty. My biggest fear in getting a lesser-known brands was the unknown in how reliable they were and whether they would back their warranties.

It has taken me a few uses to get used to using the bidet seat, but for the most part, I like it and I wouldn’t go back. Yes, it will save some paper, probably not as much as you think, but it does. It is helpful at keeping you clean and hygienic, which is the most important thing to me. It does take some tinkering to find the best individual settings that work best for you in terms of pressure, temperature and how the water sprays. According to the lady of the house. the rear clean works better than the front clean and the front clean needs quite a bit of tinkering and adjusting to get an adequate spray in the right location. The air dryer works but again works better for rear than the front.

This does use a bit of electricity, although it has a power save mode that could be a bit more feature rich. I typically power mine off at certain times that I know I am not going to use it, such as when I am sleeping to save power, although you could do power save as well.

I also got this model because it is low profile. I cannot tell that I sitting on a bidet seat versus a regular one. There is very little angle on the seat, which is great to me. Some bidet seats have an angle that can feel strange or even uncomfortable to some people.

Hopefully, this seat will hold up long term as this is a steep investment for a bidet seat. The cost, lack of a long warranty, and a remote that is a bit overly complicated keep this from being 5 stars

4 stars

TOTO Washlet S7A Bidet Seat

Prompt delivery of good product. Still learning to use all its features. Thank you.

Excellent Toilet and Bidet

Love this toilet and bidet. The Carlyle installation is much simpler and stronger than other floor mount Toto designs. Be sure to purchase Toto trap adapter if you do not have a standard 12” rough-in. Be sure to get S7A bidet if you require automatic lid opening. This model does not open/close by itself!


Great service

It does everything!

This washlet is perfect. Has every feature imaginable, has worked flawlessly, and we've both been extremely happy with it. Worth the investment.

Very satisfied

Comfortable. Very well written manual. Still exploring the options. Saving oodles on wipes and toilet paper.


John was very pleasant to work with in deciding which bidet to purchase. He answered all questions. Shipping was very quick. I would highly recommend his company.

Toto 450G Toilet

I had an extremely pleasant experience buying the toilet from Premier. Their sale representative was extremely helpful during the sale process.
The toilet was received in very good packaging and within a few days after I ordered it. I will definitely reach out to Premier for any future similar needs.

It is a great help

Best purchase of 2023

Works amazingly. I feel like I’ve got one of those great Japanese toilets. Now saving money on toilet paper.