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TOTO Drake II Washlet + S7 Two-Piece 1.28 GPF

SKU MW4544726CEFGA#01

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  • High-tech Electronic Bidet Seat and Toilet Combination
  • Concealed supply connection for a Seamless Installation
  • High-efficiency TORNADO FLUSH® system - 1.28 GPF (4.8 LPF)
  • CEFIONTECT® ceramic glaze minimizes waste from sticking to porous ceramic surfaces
  • Universal Height
  • Heated seat for chilly mornings
  • Auto deodorizer to keep your bathroom smelling fresh
  • Warm air dryer will eliminate the need for toilet paper
  • Chrome plated trip lever
  • 12" Rough-in
  • Elongated front bowl and WASHLET+ S7 and tank set
  • EWATER+® auto-cleans wand and bowl after every use
  • PREMIST® automatically mists the bowl before each use
  • Multifunction pearl white block-style remote control
  • Night Light
  • Auto Flush (optional)

The Brand New TOTO Drake II Washlet + S7

Are you ready for the brand new bidet seat from TOTO, paired perfectly with an exceptional toilet? Experience the epitome of modern bathroom luxury with the TOTO Drake II Washlet + S7.

This dynamic duo is expertly designed to offer a seamless installation by discreetly concealing the WASHLET power cord and water supply hose, ensuring a sleek and clutter-free appearance in your bathroom.

Enjoy the ultimate in comfort and convenience as the TOTO WASHLET S7 takes center stage. The illuminated remote control offers 5 distinct spray settings, a heated seat for added comfort, and instantaneous water heating for an unmatched bidet experience.

Wave goodbye to traditional flushing – the auto flush kit ensures a touchless, hands-free automatic flush after each use, eliminating the need to interact with buttons or handles and putting to rest any concerns about forgotten flushes.

Discover the power of innovation with the WASHLET S7's technologically advanced EWATER+® system. Harnessing the magic of mist, this system transforms water into a potent compound that gracefully cleans the wand and toilet bowl.

The PREMIST® feature further enhances cleanliness by moistening the toilet bowl surface, aiding in the removal of waste and ensuring a more thorough clean with every use.

Enhancing the efficiency of the bidet experience, the Drake II boasts TOTO’s TORNADO FLUSH®, a revolutionary hole-free rim design with dual-nozzles that create a powerful centrifugal washing action, effectively rinsing the bowl.

The added power of CEFIONTECT®, a ceramic glaze layer, means that waste is less likely to stick to the surface. This potent combination of technologies not only reduces the frequency of toilet cleanings but also minimizes water usage, eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, and saves you precious time.

The TOTO Drake II is thoughtfully designed in TOTO’s Universal Height, ensuring an ideal seat position for users of various heights. This WASHLET+® package includes everything you need for a seamless transformation – the WASHLET with its accompanying water supply adapter, the Drake II bowl and tank set with necessary hardware, and toilet bolt caps. Seamlessly compatible with T40 WASHLET+ toilet bowl components, this solution is crafted for a complete bathroom upgrade.

SKU: MW4544726CEFGA#01 / MW4544726CEFG#01

TOTO Drake II Washlet + S7 Spec Sheet

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We got a quote from a local plumber of over twice the price that we were able to get from Premier Bidets. On top of that it was delivered within just a few day. We are exceptionally happy with the product we ordered and will order from Premier Bidets again when we remodel the next bathroom.

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TOTO Bidet Toilet Combo TOTO Drake II Washlet + S7 Two-Piece 1.28 GPF

TOTO Drake II Washlet + S7 Two-Piece 1.28 GPF