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30-60 Day Risk Free Trials - Click Here to Learn More
30-60 Day Risk Free Trials - Click Here to Learn More


Swiss Madison

Swiss Madison offers a variety of quality products at affordable price points. The products we carry from them range from a non-electric bidet attachment, all the way to an integrated bidet toilet. 

The Aqua line of non-electric bidets from Swiss Madison includes a bidet seat and attachment if you're looking for more of an entry-level bidet. 

The Vivante electric bidet seat can be purchased separately, or bundled with the Virage one-piece toilet. 

Finally, the Avancer integrated bidet toilet is available if you're looking for an expert-level bidet option. This smart bidet toilet would replace your entire toilet and comes with a built in bidet for a high impact pairing.  

Swiss Madison is a quality supplier of luxury bathroom items and we're proud to carry all of their unique bidet offerings. Call us at 707-297-3991 and let us help you find the right Swiss Madison product for you.