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toto neorest rs review

TOTO Neorest RS Review 2024

You may have heard about the new Neorest models that TOTO announced back in June 2023. These models are replacing several popular TOTO Neorest toilets and come with a few new upgrades and a revamped design.

The TOTO Neorest RS is one of these newly upgraded smart bidet toilets and will replace the TOTO Neorest RH.

toto neorest rs

We’ll continue to sell the Neorest RH while supplies last. 

However, if you want to know more specifics about the TOTO Neorest RS, this Neorest RS review will strive to answer all of your questions.

We’ll explain what to expect with the TOTO Neorest RS and why we think there are some fantastic changes from the Neorest RH worth considering. 

TOTO Neorest RS Review

The Neorest toilets are like the smartphones of the bathroom world – a giant evolutionary leap in product design. Read any TOTO Neorest toilet reviews and you’ll see that people think these luxury bidets are always worth the investment.

toto neorest nx1

The Neorest RH is the lineup’s most affordable model and the Neorest RS will continue being in the same tier.

After closely reviewing all the TOTO Neorest RS specs, we think this new model has some features and design upgrades that make it an even better buy. 

 The three main changes are: 

  • New design with one color option
  • Seamless seat
  • Four user presets

    Let's get into each one of these in more detail and see what they mean for you. 

    Neorest RS Aesthetics: Updated design and no more Sedona Beige

    We like the new, modern design of the Neorest RS compared to the more functional look of the RH.

    toto neorest rs sideview lifestyle image

    The curves are more graceful and even looks a bit like the Neorest flagship model, the ultra-luxurious TOTO NX1, pictured below:

    toto neorest nx1

    Another notable difference is that the Neorest RS is only available in Cotton White.

    toto neorest rs cotton white lifestyle image

    It seems TOTO is discontinuing their Sedona Beige color altogether since the Neorest AS is also only available in one color option.


    toto neorest rh in sedona beige


    If you have your heart set on a TOTO Neorest RH in Sedona Beige or Neorest AH in Sedona Beige, definitely consider buying soon!

    toto neorest ah sedona beige

    Seamless Seat

    TOTO’s new seat design eliminates the gap between the underside of the seat and the toilet. That means that dirt and bathroom debris have a harder time building up in that hard-to-clean area. 

    While it might not seem like a massive upgrade, this design tweak shows that TOTO genuinely cares about both looks and usability.

    Personalized Settings for Four Users

    TOTO has taken user customization to the next level. Now, the device can remember the preferences of up to four different users – a significant improvement from the previous two settings with the Neorest RH.

    Prefer a warmer wash temperature than your partner? No problem. Simply select your personalized setting on the remote, and the RS will adjust to your liking.

    Using the TOTO Neorest RS remote control remains a breeze, maintaining the user-friendly interface that the Neorest RH also showcased.

    You can view the TOTO RS remote control below:

    toto neorest rs remote control

    Whether it's accommodating different family members who use the Neorest bidet toilet or adjusting for seasonal changes (or even different times of the day), you now have double the settings for added convenience and flexibility.

    Here’s a snapshot of the feature differences between the TOTO Neorest RS and RH:

    toto neorest rs vs rh comparison chart

    If you want to know even more about the differences between the TOTO RS and Neorest RH, check out our guide to that here.

    TOTO Neorest RS Features

    Let’s get into what specifically the TOTO RS has to offer. 

    Some of our favorite Neorest RS Bidet Features include:

    • Customize Your Clean: Easily adjust the spray, temperature, and pressure to get the most comfortable wash tailored just for you.
    • Always Warm Water: Say goodbye to cold shocks – enjoy instant, endless warm water.
    • Choose Your Spray: Pick from soothing oscillating or invigorating pulsating water modes.
    • Touch-Free Lid: For a more hygienic experience, the lid opens and closes automatically without you having to touch it.
    • Never Sit on a Cold Seat Again: The seat warms up – perfect for chilly mornings.
    • Air Dry in Style: Choose from five settings for a dry, paper-free finish.
    • Stay Fresh: An automatic deodorizer keeps your bathroom smelling clean.
    • Eco-Smart Features: Save energy (and your bills) with smart, green-friendly settings.
    • Easy-to-Use Remote: Control everything effortlessly with a handy stick-style remote.
    • Personal Profiles: Up to four people can save their own favorite settings.
    • Night Time Guide: A built-in light ensures you're safe during nighttime visits.

    State-of-the-Art Neorest RS Toilet Tech

    • User-Friendly ADA Design: Designed to be comfortable and accessible for everyone.
    • Save Water & Money: Dual flush options that not only conserve water but also help lower your bills.
    • Powerful Cleaning: Experience top-tier bowl cleaning with TORNADO FLUSH tech.
    • Flushing Options: It auto flushes, but there's a manual option if you need it.
    • Stay Extra Clean: With PREMIST, the bowl is better shielded from waste sticking.
    • Smooth & Clean Finish: Special ceramic keeps waste from clinging, making cleaning easier.
    • Sanitize After Every Use: Post-use auto-clean for the wand, bowl, and seat area.
    • Sleek Seat Design: Smooth and seamless, ensuring dirt and debris have no place to hide.

    How to install TOTO Neorest Toilets

    Neorest toilets are TOTO’s most advanced bidets and require a bit of know-how to install. The Neorest RS does come with installation instructions though some might opt to hire a plumber to do the handy work. 

    You can view the TOTO Neorest RS installation guide here.

    toto neorest rs dimensions

    For the TOTO Neorest RS user manual, click here

    New TOTO Neorest Price

    toto neorest rs side view lid up


    Despite all the new features and design upgrades the new Neorest RS is comparable to the TOTO RH.

    For the most current TOTO RS price, you can click here

    Other new TOTO Neorest models

    As highlighted earlier, TOTO is unveiling new iterations of Neorest smart toilets this year. Dive deeper into our initial thoughts and comparisons of these models in our detailed reviews here.

    Other changes to the TOTO Neorest lineup include replacing the TOTO Neorest 700H with the Neorest LS and the Neorest AH with the Neorest AS

    toto neorest as lifestyle image

    You can also read these comparison guides to learn more: 

    If you’d like to learn more about the newly upgraded Neorest NX1, you can read our TOTO Neorest NX1 review here.



    We hope our official TOTO Neorest RS review has answered any questions you might have about this new smart bidet toilet. Let us know in the comments if there’s anything else you’d like to know about the TOTO Neorest RS

    If you want to learn more or explore which is the best TOTO Neorest toilet for you, give us a call!


    (707) 297-3991

    We’re always ready to help you find the perfect hygienic solution for your home or business.  

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