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TOTO Neorest AS Review 2024

TOTO Neorest AS Review 2024

So, in June 2023, TOTO decided to mix things up a bit. They're moving on from some of their well-liked Neorest toilets and bringing in some updated ones. 

One big change? The TOTO Neorest AS is stepping in for the TOTO Neorest AH. But don't worry, if you've got your heart set on the Neorest AH, we've still got some on hand. 

The Neorest AH holds its place as the medium range option, with the Neorest AS set to maintain a similar price point. 

toto neorest as lifestyle image

After a thorough analysis of the TOTO Neorest AS specifications, we're convinced that this latest model brings to the table improved features and design elements, making it a worthy upgrade. 

Now, if you're looking for a TOTO Neorest AS review, we've got you covered! Let's jump right into everything you need to know about the Neorest AS bidet toilet.

TOTO Neorest AS Review 

A TOTO Neorest toilet is one of the biggest upgrades you can make to your overall bathroom experience, as they are arguably the most technologically advanced toilets on the planet. 

toto neorest as

Dive into any TOTO Neorest toilet review, and the consensus is clear: these high-end bidets are consistently seen as a worthy investment.

Since the TOTO AS is replacing the TOTO Neorest AH, we’ll break down some of the main differences between these two models. 

The four main differences are:

  1. Refreshed design with one color choice
  2. Integrated, seamless seat
  3. Capability for four user presets
  4. Additional self cleaning

Let's delve deeper into each of these features to understand their significance for you.

One Color Option

One main difference between the Neorest AH and Neorest AS is that there is now only one color to choose from (cotton/white) whereas the Neorest AH also comes in sedona beige.

toto neorest ah sedona beige

If your bathroom requires a smart toilet in a different color than white, we’d recommend purchasing a Neorest AH or TOTO Neorest RH before they’re all gone!

toto neorest rh sedona beige

Cleaner Design

You’ll notice a smoother, more refined aesthetic at play here with the Neorest AS. Its contours and angles are more graceful and overall we feel it has a more refined, elegant look over the more stocky Neorest AH. 

toto neorest as lifestyle image

There are some more minor dimensional and other size differences as well. For a complete look at the TOTO Neorest AS specifications, you can find those here

toto neorest as with dimensions

To compare those to the TOTO Neorest AH product specifications, you can click here.

Seamless Seat

TOTO's revamped seat design ensures there's no space between the seat's underside and the toilet itself. This effectively minimizes the chances of dirt and bathroom residue accumulating in those challenging-to-clean spots. 

Though it may not revolutionize the bathroom experience, this considerate design refinement showcases TOTO's dedication to harmonizing aesthetics and practicality.

Four User Presets

TOTO has elevated user personalization with their latest offering. The Neorest AS remote control now has the capability to store preferences for up to four users, a notable enhancement from the TOTO AH's two-user memory.

toto neorest as remote control

Just choose your custom setting on the remote, and the Neorest AS will tailor the experience to your preference. Interacting with the TOTO AS remote remains as intuitive as ever, mirroring the ease of the AH's controller.

So, whether your household boasts several Neorest bidet toilet enthusiasts, or you desire different settings for various seasons (or even times of day), the expanded memory offers heightened adaptability.

Extra EWATER Rinse

Every TOTO Neorest model incorporates EWATER+ technology for automatic cleaning of the wand and bowl after each use. But what exactly is EWATER? 

toto ewater explained

EWATER is essentially electrolyzed water, a prevalent cleaning technology in the food service and hospitality sectors. As far as we're aware, TOTO stands out as the sole company employing it in bathroom products.

EWATER+ is highly regarded as a natural cleaner because it's:

  • Mildly acidic (with a higher pH level)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Free from chemicals
  • Safe for humans

A distinctive feature of the Neorest AS is its additional rinse beneath the bidet toilet seat, complementing the wand and bowl cleaning. This enhances the hygiene factor.

It should be noted that the new Neorest RS does not have this extra EWATER feature. 

For more about the difference between the TOTO Neorest RS and Neorest AS, you can read our guide to that here

If you’re like us, visual examples are always helpful.

Here’s a comparative chart for the differences between the Neorest AS and Neorest AH bidet toilets:

toto neorest as vs ah comparison chart

If you’d like to learn even more about the differences between the TOTO Neorest AH and Neorest AS, you can read all about that in our guide right here

TOTO Neorest AS Features

Diving into the specifics, here's what the TOTO AS offers:

  • Personalized Cleaning Experience: Adjust the spray, temperature, and pressure for a wash that's uniquely tailored to your comfort.
  • Instant Warm Water: No more jolting cold surprises – indulge in continuous warm water.
  • Varied Spray Options: Choose between a gentle oscillating mode or a more dynamic pulsating spray.
  • Hands-Free Lid Operation: Enhance hygiene with the automatic opening and closing of the lid, negating the need to touch it.
  • Heated Comfort: Say farewell to cold surprises with the warming seat – ideal for brisk mornings.
  • Efficient Air Drying: Opt from five settings to ensure a dry finish without paper.
  • Odor-Free Ambiance: A built in deodorizer guarantees a fresh-smelling restroom.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Utilize energy-efficient features that are not only green but also wallet-friendly.
  • Intuitive Stick-Style Remote: Command all functions with ease using a streamlined remote.
  • Individualized Settings: Accommodate preferences of up to four users, allowing each to save their preferred settings.
  • Night Time Safety: Navigate safely during nocturnal visits with the integrated illumination.

TOTO Neorest Toilet Reviews

While this TOTO Neorest review has been solely focused on the Neorest AS, there are a variety of other Neorest toilets being discontinued and replaced with new models. 

Among those being discontinued and replaced is the fan favorite TOTO Neorest 700H. In its place is the Neorest LS

toto neorest ls lifestyle image

You can read our official review of the TOTO Neorest LS right here.  

For a full comparison of all the differences between the Neorest LS and the TOTO 700H, you can read our comparison guide here

Also, as mentioned earlier, the TOTO Neorest RH is being discontinued and replaced with the Neorest RS

toto neorest rs lifestyle image

While we don’t currently have a TOTO Neorest RH review or a TOTO Neorest AH review, we feel that our official review of the TOTO Neorest RS (and the one you’re reading right now) will be more up to date and helpful in choosing the right Neorest smart toilet. 

Also announced as getting an upgrade is the TOTO Neorest NX1. This top-of-the-line smart toilet from TOTO will retain its name, but feature a few new delightful changes. 

toto neorest nx1

For more information about what’s different with the new Neorest NX1, you can read our official guide to that here

TOTO Neorest AS in Conclusion

We hope our official TOTO Neorest AS review has been helpful in understanding what you need to know about this brand new smart bidet toilet. 

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, give us a call!


We’d love to help answer any questions you have about this or other bidet toilets we have to offer. 

For information about the latest TOTO Neorest AS price, or how to install a TOTO Neorest toilet, you can find the answer to that question here

Let us know in the comments what you think and leave a question there as well! We’re always happy to help with anything you may need.

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