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toto neorest as vs rs neorest comparison

TOTO Neorest AS vs RS : Neorest Comparison Guide

By now you might be aware that TOTO announced in June of 2023 that the TOTO Neorest AH and Neorest RH were being discontinued.

In their place, TOTO is rolling out some upgraded units in the form of the Neorest AS and Neorest RS which are both in stock and available now.

Also being discontinued are the TOTO S550e and S500e Washlets. In their place are the TOTO Washlet S7A and S7 Washlet which are also available now.

So what’s different about these two new units? How are they different from each other and the units they’re replacing? 

We’ll answer those questions and more with our guide to the differences between the new TOTO Neorest AS vs RS. 

TOTO Neorest AS vs RS - Differences

toto neorest as vs rs comparison table

The five main differences between the TOTO Neorest RS vs Neorest AS are:

  1. Self cleaning features
  2. Remote control design
  3. Seat height 
  4. Overall aesthetics
  5. Price

Let’s get into each of these in a little more detail. 

Updated EWATER rinse 

Both the TOTO Neorest AS and Neorest RS utilize what’s known as EWATER. EWATER is water that has been electrolyzed which gives it more natural cleaning power without the use of harsh chemicals. 

toto ewater description

Food production plants have been using electrolyzed water for years but TOTO is the first toilet manufacturer to harness this tool in a bathroom product. It’s completely safe and cleans the wand and bowl of TOTO Washlets and Neorests. 

Where the two differ here is that the Neorest AS gets an extra rinse of EWATER under the seat and the Neorest RS does not. Both models have EWATER rinse the wand and bowl after each use. 

Remote control 

Another area where the TOTO Neorest AS vs RS differ is remote control design. Both have remote control but the components of each are different. 

The Neorest AS remote control is made of metal and is described as “stick style” whereas the Neorest RS remote is made of high quality plastic and described as “block style.” Both of these remotes offer the same functionality and have upgraded features from the Neorest RH and Neorest AH

Seat height

toto neorest rs dimensions

When comparing these two new Neorest models, we noticed that the measured sitting height of each was different, with the Neorest RS actually being a little higher. 

  • RS floor to seat height is 17.69”
  • AS floor to seat height is 17.25”

toto neorest as dimensions

Both of these units are Universal Height and ADA compliant. For more information about the benefits of bidets for those with disabilities, you can read our article about that here.

Cosmetic differences

The most immediately noticeable difference between the Neorest RS vs AS is the overall design.

The Neorest AS has a more linear, angled composition.

toto neorest as lifestyle image

The Neorest RS has a  softer, more rounded design. 

toto neorest rs lifestyle image

TOTO Neorests are integrated bidet toilets and composed of an upper and lower part built together as one unit. The lower portions for each of these units are the exact same SKU and are identical, so the only difference between each of these is the top portion.

Besides the extra EWATER rinse that the Neorest AS gets under the seat, these two units share all of the same cleaning features. 

TOTO Neorest Price

This is another area of noticeable difference. Much like the units these new Neorests are replacing, the AH and RH, there is a difference in price. The Neorest AS is a bit more expensive than the Neorest RS.    

The current TOTO Neorest AS price can be found here. For the most up to date TOTO Neorest RS price you can click here.  

While these models are more on the expensive side, they are not nearly as pricey as the TOTO Neorest NX1 or the TOTO Neorest 700H. The TOTO Neorest RS does somewhat resemble the Neorest NX1 pictured below:

toto neorest nx1 side view

The Neorest AS and Neorest RS actually share all of the same cleaning features as both of the above-mentioned models, but cost less mainly because of design and components differences. 

It should also probably be mentioned that with these discontinuation announcements from TOTO, the Neorest 700H is being replaced by the TOTO Neorest LS.

TOTO Neorest RS vs AS - Similarities

Now that we’ve covered all the ways in which these two new TOTO Neorest bidet toilets are different, let’s go over all of the cleaning features these two units share. 

The TOTO Neorest AS and TOTO RS both share these same bidet cleaning features: 

  • Auto open/close lid - never have to touch a dirty toilet lid again
  • Aerated water spray for a gentler yet more effective wash
  • Dual-action spray with oscillating and pulsating modes for soothing comfort
  • Instant warm water - never wait for water to warm up 
  • Adjustable wash controls - spray position, water temperature, and water pressure for complete control
  • Heated seat with temperature control - stay comfortable on chilly mornings
  • Warm air dryer with five temperature settings - reduce or eliminate the need for toilet paper
  • Automatic air deodorizer keeps your bathroom smelling clean 
  • Energy saving systems - both automatic and programmable
  • Remote control for ease of use
  • 4-users' personalized memory settings for complete customization
  • Night light to help guide your way in the middle of the night

Here are some of the toilet features the TOTO AS and Neorest RS share:

  • Universal Height and ADA compliant
  • Great dual flush water efficiency- 1.0 GPF / 0.8 GPF 
  • TORNADO FLUSH to reach every part of the bowl
  • Auto flush - with back-up manual flush for power outages
  • EWATER+ auto-cleans wand and bowl after every use
  • PREMIST automatically mists the bowl before each use
  • CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze doesn’t allow waste to stick to porous ceramic surfaces
  • Seamless seat design eliminates shadow area where dirt and grime can collect 

Differences between TOTO Neorest AH and RH

As these units are upgrades from the previous models, we’ll share some info about how the TOTO Neorest RH vs AH differ. 

toto neorest ah lifestyle picture

The main difference between the Neorest AH and Neorest RH are:

  • Cosmetics
  • Hinge placement

Like with the Neorest RS vs AS, the lower portion of these two units are identical. They also share all of the same cleaning features. 

The basic aesthetic design of the RH and AH does vary a little bit, with the Neorest RH being more rounded and the Neorest AH being more linear.

Also, the hinge where the seat and lid attach on the AH is further back, allowing for more seating room. 

One other big change is that neither the Neorest AS or RS will be available in sedona beige. For that you'll have to grab a Neorest AH or Neorest RH in sedona beige before they're gone!

toto neorest rh sedona beige

If you’d like more info about how the TOTO Neorest RS is different from the Neorest RH it’s replacing, you can read more about that here.

TOTO Neorest installation

If you’ve ever installed a regular toilet yourself, installing a Neorest bidet toilet can be a bit different. There are a few extra steps and considerations like electricity and need a 12" rough-in that should be taken into account. 

For our guide to TOTO Neorest Installations, click here.

Many people do hand this task over to a professional plumber or contractor, but it’s not entirely necessary, especially if you consider yourself more of a “handy” type.  

For more information about TOTO Neorest AS installation: 

If you need more info about TOTO Neorest RS installation:

TOTO Neorest Review 

For our official TOTO Neorest AS review click here.

For our official TOTO Neorest RS review, click here

Keep checking back at premierbidets.com for the latest in up to date info, comparisons and reviews like this one for the TOTO Washlet S7A.   

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article detailing the differences between the TOTO Neorest AS vs RS. 

Please let us know in the comments if there was anything else you’d like to know that we haven’t answered yet or give us a call! We'd love to talk to you.


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