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FAQ - Bidet Info

Why should I buy a bidet?

Toilet paper alone is not an effective way in which to clean yourself after using the bathroom. You cannot reach everywhere down there with your hand holding paper, which leaves you less clean than you could be. A bidet will target the entire area and leave you feeling cleansed and new again! If you have a disability or suffer from any decreased mobility, a bidet can be a game changer. Those with certain health problems like hemorrhoids and constipation can also greatly benefit from them as well. Bidets are better for the environment because they reduce (and sometimes eliminate) the use of toilet paper, saving trees and water. For more reasons why bidets are great and why everyone should have one, check out our Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Bidets. 

Will the bidet I want fit my current toilet?

Great question! This depends on what kind of toilet you have and the shape of your toilet bowl. For most people with a standard two-piece toilet this should not be an issue as virtually all of our bidets fit these very common toilet types. If you have a more modern one-piece toilet, not all of our bidets will fit, although products like the Eco-Nova and the Galaxy 5000 Bidet Toilet Seat will accommodate both one and two-piece toilets. Please contact us if you have this type of toilet and need help with finding one that will work for you. 

Toilet bowl shape is the more common consideration having to be made. To determine whether you have a round or elongated toilet bowl measure the length of the bowl. 

Round toilets are 16.5" in total length. Elongated toilets are 18.5" in total length.

To learn more about selecting a bidet for your toilet and specific bathroom you can also check out our buyer’s guide here.   

Do I need to replace my current toilet if I want to buy a bidet?

Not unless you want to! This is one of the most common misconceptions we’ve found when it comes to purchasing a bidet. A lot of people think that in order to put a high quality bidet in their bathroom, they’ll need to completely replace the toilet they know and love. While you can buy a bidet that replaces your toilet, it’s definitely not necessary. Our bidet toilet seats and bidet attachments simply replace either your current toilet seat or attach underneath your existing seat. If you did want to completely replace your toilet and add a bidet, you have that option as well. Check out our integrated bidet toilets and bidet toilet combos if you want to explore this option.  

Does adding a bidet require adding another fixture to my bathroom?

The short answer is no. Another common misconception is that modern bidets are an entirely separate bathroom fixture that need to somehow be accommodated within your current bathroom set up. The reason a lot of people think this is because of the design of traditional European bidets, where a separate faucet is installed in a separate sink-like fixture next to your toilet. None of the bidets we sell are of this type. In fact, most of the bidets we sell simply replace your existing toilet seat. 

What do I need to hook up when installing a bidet?

Water and electricity are the two main things you will need to hook up to your new bidet. Most of our bidets are electric and come with an extension cord to easily access existing electrical outlets. Your toilet’s water supply will need to be accessed in order to attach to your new bidet as well. All of our products come with installation instructions and also have information available online. You can always contact us for more information. 

How much water does a bidet use?

A standard bidet will use around 1/8 of a gallon of water each time you use it. Compare that to the estimated 12-37 gallons of water used to produce just one roll of toilet paper!

Does a bidet require electricity?

Almost all of our bidets require some form of electricity. For those looking for a bidet without the need for electricity, check out our list of non-electric bidets here. 

Do I need a plumber to install my bidet?

Although most of the products we sell can be easily installed at home, sometimes just having a professional plumber do it for you is the way to go. It will depend on how involved the product is. For a range of difficulty, our bidet attachments are the easiest to install while our integrated bidet toilets and bidet toilet combos may require a professional. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!    

What are Integrated Bidet Toilets?

Integrated bidet toilets are an all in one product that replaces your existing toilet. They come with all the built in features of an electric bidet with the functionality of a traditional toilet. They are sleek, beautiful, one piece products that do it all for you. Check out our list of integrated bidet toilets here.  

What’s the difference between a bidet toilet seat and an integrated bidet toilet?

A bidet toilet seat is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a bidet that replaces your toilet seat, offering the cleansing power of a bidet without changing too much of what you’ve already got. An integrated bidet toilet on the other hand replaces your entire toilet with an electric bidet and toilet as an all in one package. 

What else do bidets do besides clean your bum?

Many things! The electric bidets we sell come loaded with features like heated seats, automatic open/close lids, weight sensors, warm water, night lights, deodorizers, and self cleaning functions. They can also help with hemorrhoids, constipation, and anal fissures.   

Which of your bidets are ADA compliant?

You can check out our list of ADA compliant bidets here.