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60 Day Risk Free Trials - Click Here to Learn More
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Eco-Nova Bidet Toilet Seat- Elongated

Seat Shape
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Features List

  • Two wash modes: front & rear
  • Pulse (massage) spray – warm/cold combo
  • Nozzle oscillation
  • Auto wash – 90 second rear wash + 4 minute dry
  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • Instant water heater – unlimited warm wash water
  • Adjustable water temperature (4 levels), water pressure (3 levels) & nozzle position (5 positions)
  • Air bubble induction pump for softer feeling spray
  • Generous wash stream – 0.24 gallons/minute
  • 4 ft power cable
  • Self-rinsing nozzles
  • Heated seat – 4 temperature levels
  • Warm air dryer – 4 temperature levels
  • LED night light – calming blue color
  • Nano antibacterial water filtration
  • UV sterilizer lamp sanitizes wand and nozzles
  • Occupied seat sensor
  • Ultra comfortable seat
  • “Sittable”, slow close seat & lid (up to 400 lbs)
  • Available in Elongated size only
  • 2 year full warranty
  • Ultra-thin body design constructed from durable, antibacterial polypropylene
  • Fits 1- and 2-piece toilets
  • Available in white
  • Brushed stainless steel remote control
  • Quick-release feature for cleaning
  • Electricity required

The Eco-Nova Bidet Seat - 2 Bidet Water Filters Free With Purchase - 2 Year Warranty

Are you tired of using tons of toilet paper and not even feeling clean after using the bathroom? Introducing the Eco-Nova Bidet seat, a revolutionary hygiene solution that promises to elevate your bathroom experience to new levels of cleanliness and comfort.

Traditional methods of cleaning with dry toilet paper can often lead to irritation, discomfort, and a lingering feeling of dissatisfaction. But with the Eco-Nova Bidet seat, you can finally bid farewell to those inconveniences and discover the true meaning of feeling incredibly clean.

The Eco-Nova Bidet seat offers a superior cleaning system that utilizes warm, soothing water to cleanse and refresh after using the bathroom. By incorporating this advanced technology into your daily routine, you'll realize just how much more effective and satisfying it is compared to traditional methods. The bidet seat's sleek design and high-quality construction make it a standout product in the market, ensuring both functionality and durability.

What also sets the Eco-Nova apart is its affordability. Despite its exceptional features and performance, this bidet seat doesn't come with an exorbitant price tag like some of its competitors. It's a cost-effective solution that allows you to embrace the benefits of a bidet seat without breaking the bank.

30 Day Risk Free Trial

But wait, there's more! The Eco-Nova Bidet seat comes with a risk-free guarantee. If, for any reason, you install the bidet seat in your home and find it doesn't meet your expectations, you can return it to us for a full refund.

We're so confident you'll love it that we'll even cover the return shipping costs.

So why not take a leap into a world of bathroom bliss and experience the incredible cleanliness and comfort that the Eco-Nova Bidet seat offers? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Upgrade your hygiene routine today and discover the difference for yourself!



Eco Nova Bidet Seat

Cleaning Features

Eco-Nova exemplifies precision engineering and luxurious comfort with its impressive flow rate of 0.24 gallons per minute, making it one of the most effective bidet seats in the market. It features a resilient stainless steel nozzle with a unique rounded, rectangular tip, ensuring superior coverage of the wash spray. This unit combines modern elegance and practicality, facilitated by an advanced and user-friendly remote control.

The Eco-Nova is a powerhouse of comfort features. Its instant water heater delivers an endless supply of warm water for optimal convenience. It also provides an optional nozzle oscillation that gently moves the wand in a to-and-fro motion, ensuring comprehensive wash coverage. Moreover, its pulse or massage wash rapidly changes the temperature between hot and cold, catering to your comfort and relaxation.

While acknowledging that the effectiveness of bidet seat dryers varies, the Eco-Nova's dryer is one of the most efficient on the market. A commendable asset for those aiming to become entirely independent of toilet paper, thereby making the Eco-Nova an exceptional choice.

Prioritizing hygiene, the Eco-Nova utilizes UV light technology to sterilize its wand and nozzles meticulously. Its interior tubing is further safeguarded with a silver-nano coating that exterminates harmful microbes, ensuring a pristine, sanitary environment.

Convenience Features

Further enhancing its luxurious offering, Eco-Nova includes an array of standout features: a heated seat for ultimate comfort, a convenient auto washing feature, and a built-in LED night light for easy navigation during nocturnal visits. The Eco-Nova bidet seat is indeed an epitome of opulence and superior hygiene.

Eco Nova Bidet Seat side view showing thin sleek design

    30 Day Risk Free Trial

    Premier Bidets' risk free trial program is an extension of our returns policy.  Unlike our return policy which requires the unit to be unused, bidet seats that we offer risk free trials for can be used, and returned used for a full refund within 30 days (period starts from the date ordered. This is dictated by the manufacturer. We do not have control over extending period, no exceptions). While we are unable to re-sell these used units, it’s worth it to us to offer risk free trials on these units as the return rates on them are very low. Note: Only one risk free trial per household/customer. If you would like to return the order, you will be sent a (fully paid) return shipping label via the email provided or any one of your choosing. If you don't have an email, we will mail the return label to the shipping address provided.

    Water Supply Hydraulic Powered
    Power Consumption Max. 1140W
    Water Heating Technology Ceramic Instant-type Variable Frequency Inverter System
    Water Volume (Posterior, Front) 0.17 gal/min, 0.17 gal/min
    Water Temperature Control 4 Levels
    Nozzle Position/
    Water Pressure Control
    Dryer Heat Capacity 140W
    Dryer Temperature 4 Levels
    Seat Heat Capacity 30W
    Seat Temperature Control 4 Levels
    Elongated Seat Dimensions W20.43 x D17.72 x H5.24 inches
    Wash Front, Posterior, Turbo & Massage
    Air Bubble Induction Pump (softer feeling spray) Yes
    Nano Antibacterial Water Filtration Yes
    Adjustable Water Temp & Pressure Control Yes
    Adjustable Nozzle Position Yes
    Self-Cleaning Nozzle Yes
    UV Sterilizer Lamp for Wand & Nozzles Yes
    Room Temperature or Warm Air Drying Yes
    Adjustable Warm Seat Yes
    Soft-Close Seat & Lid Yes
    Sittable Lid (up to 400 pounds) Yes
    Occupied Seat Sensor Yes
    Blue Night Light Yes
    Quick Manual Cleaning Yes

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Richard Garcia-Mendoza
    Much better than my old Toto

    Great bidet. I had a basic Toto before and this is a definite upgrade. It has metal water connections vs plastic for my Toto and I much stronger spray. Very happy with my purchase

    Linda Werhane
    Electric has not been hooked up yet

    My husband is dragging his feet instead of putting it in.

    Zohreh M

    Couldn’t recommend this more! Both the customer service and product itself are fantastic and we are now scheduling a second installment. Highly recommend.

    Marilyn Morris
    Truly luxury bidet

    Easy installation, only a couple drips of water! Diagrams are tiny, but directions are very clear. Settings are a work in progress as they get more familiar,.

    Ron Cioffi
    Bidet at its best

    Love the bidet toilet many features such as a nightlight, adjustable temperatures and positions , heated seat, dryer and auto clean head

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