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ADA Compliant Bidets

Shop our selection of Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant products.

All of the products listed here are at least ADA height compliant and some Integrated Bidet Toilets are fully ADA compliant. 

The ADA seated height requirement is at least 17" tall.

Some TOTO Washlet+ combos are listed as "Universal Height" which means that the seated height is at least 16.5" but often higher. If you find a TOTO Washlet+ combo listed here, it's both Universal Height and ADA height compliant. 

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about whether or not the combo or integrated unit you're looking at is actually ADA compliant or not. 

In order to be considered fully ADA compliant, the product also needs to have an automatic flush option or have manual flush options on the side of the tank and easily accessible to the rest of the bathroom.  

ADA Height Compliant Bidet Toilet Combos

All toilets listed are at least 17" seated height or higher.

ADA Height Compliant Toilet With Bidet

Choose between an ADA height compliant toilet paired with a bidet seat, or a fully ADA compliant integrated bidet toilet.

ADA Compliant Integrated Bidet Toilets

Fully ADA compliant Bidet Toilets feature automatic flush and have a raised seating height. 

One ADA compliant Bidet Toilet we recommend is the TOTO Neorest LS, pictured below:

toto neorest ls with dimensions

The Neorest LS features include:

  • Auto-flush
  • ADA seated height
  • Optional manual flush 

Bidet Toilet Seat with ADA Compliant Remote Control

The Cascade 3000 is a bidet toilet seat with a large ADA compliant remote for the visually impaired.

Its features include a one-touch wash and dry button feature so it's extremely easy to use for those with disabilities.

Contact us to find a raised toilet seat that's compatible!

The remote control is pictured below:

Large ADA Compliant Remote Control Cascade 3000 Bidet Seat
Here is the Cascade 3000 Bidet Seat top view:
Cascade 3000 Bidet Seat

Check out our article about the best bidets for the disabled and also our buyer's guide for help finding the perfect ADA height compliant toilet and bidet for you. 

  • TOTO Integrated Bidet Toilet TOTO Neorest LS Bidet Toilet
    TOTO Integrated Bidet Toilet TOTO Neorest LS Bidet Toilet
    TOTO Neorest LS Bidet Toilet
    from $6,495.00

    Neorest LS Bidet Features 12" Rough-in required! (Click here for more info) Adjustable Settings: Control spray position, water temperature, and...

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    from $6,495.00