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toto s7a review washlets contemporary and classic seat shape side view

TOTO Washlet S7A Review 2024

When TOTO announced back in June of 2023 that they would be discontinuing one of their most popular Washlets, some people might’ve gotten a bit concerned. Fortunately, TOTO had a plan. 

Often described as “the best bidet seat money can buy,” the TOTO S550e Washlet is being discontinued and replaced by the TOTO Washlet S7A.


toto washlet s7a


Sales of the TOTO S550e will continue while supplies last, but its days are numbered as The TOTO S7A release date is upon us. 

This could lead some to wonder “is the TOTO S7A as good as the S550e?”  

We’ll answer that question and more with our official TOTO S7A review.

TOTO Washlet S7A Review

The S550e TOTO Washlet was considered by most to be the best bidet seat on the market and the S7A Washlet is designed to be an upgraded version of this beloved bidet seat.

After closely reviewing all the TOTO S7A specs, we’d have to conclude that this new Washlet is indeed an improvement. 

toto s550e vs toto s7a comparison table

The S7A Washlet has a variety of modifications. The main ones being: 

  • A slimmer seat
  • 4 User presets
  • No seam under seat 
  • Weighs less
  • Extra PREMIST under seat

Let's get into each one of these points and see what they mean for you. 

Ultra Slim Seat

The TOTO S7A is one of the slimmest bidet seats on the market (although this one is the sleekest)

With a seat height of only 4.06” (103mm) the S7A is slimmer than the TOTO S550e by almost an inch.

This means it’s ultra sleek and will blend into the rest of your bathroom decor while also being more comfortable to sit on. 

toto washlet s7a seat height

Some bidet seats with hybrid or tank heaters tend to bulk up in the back where the water heating tank is stored. This can cause the user to be pushed forward a bit, causing a less comfortable sitting experience.

They can also tend to be bulky eyesores. This is definitely NOT the case with the TOTO S7A.

You can learn more about all the different types of bidet water heaters in our article about this topic.

Four User Presets

TOTO has upped their game as far as user presets goes. Now you and the rest of your household can program up to four personal presets into the device. This is up from an already generous two with the S550e Washlet.  

You like your adjustable air dryer really warm but your husband doesn’t? Just choose your preset button before getting started and the S7A will provide you with your own personal preferences. The TOTO S7A remote is intuitive and easy to use, much like the remote for the S550e Washlet.

toto washlet s7a contemporary seat style


Whether you have multiple family members living in the house that all use the bidet seat, or you’d like to have different settings for winter vs summer, you’ll have a lot more flexibility to choose from and save exactly which settings you prefer. 

No Seam Under the Seat

In a recent TOTO review, some customers complained about the seam under the S550e Washlet seat and how it had the tendency to trap unwanted dirt and bathroom grime. The TOTO S7A is the first bidet seat on the market to not have such a seam, eliminating a shadow area and making the product easier to clean and more sanitary. 


While not a massive upgrade over the TOTO S550e, the S7A Washlet is one pound lighter than its predecessor, making it one of the lightest bidet seats on the market. The S7A comes in at 15 lbs while the S550e is 16 lbs. 

toto s7a washlet front view


PREMIST is one of the many features of most TOTO Washlets. TOTO toilets that utilize PREMIST tend to stay free of debri by pre-wetting the toilet bowl. This light rinse lubricates the surface and allows particulate to be easily washed away while flushing. 

PREMIST is a standard feature with most TOTO Washlets, but with the S7A, TOTO has gone one step further. Now not only will the bowl get the PREMIST treatment, but the under seat area will as well. 

toto s7a washlet with premist side view toilet bowl

As soon as you approach the toilet, the automatic lid will start to open and the PREMIST feature will initiate. The bowl and under seat area will then be lightly misted and ready to rock. 

If you’d like to learn more about the differences between the TOTO S7A and the S550e, you can check out our article here. 

How do the two new models differ?         

As mentioned earlier, The S7A will be replacing the S550e Washlet. So what’s the deal with this new TOTO S7 Washlet

If you guessed that the S7 Washlet is replacing the TOTO S500e, you are correct. Ten bidet points for you! Just as the S550e is a more advanced version of the S500e, the S7A is a step up from the S7. 

toto s7a vs s7 comparison table

Want to know more about the differences between the S7 and S7A Washlets? Check out our article about it here.

And the main difference? If you guessed an auto open/close lid, you get another ten bidet points! You win!

toto washlet s7a lid open

The main difference between the S7A and S7 is an automatic open/close lid feature. The TOTO S7A has it and the Washlet S7 does not. Otherwise the two bidet seats are exactly the same. This is the same case with the TOTO S550e and the S500e Washlet. 

Auto open/close is an amazingly advanced feature that many people really love and wouldn’t want to live without. Would you want to go back to lifting up your own toilet lid after not having to for years? 

A quick TOTO S7 review reveals a seat that is feature-rich and also slightly more affordable. It really all comes down to whether or not you want that auto-open close lid.

TOTO S7A Features

While we’re talking about features, let’s get into exactly what the S7A has to offer: 

  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure for complete control
  • Aerated warm water with dual-action spray 
  • Oscillating and pulsating massage modes
  • Auto open/close lid for a completely hands off experience
  • Adjustable heated seat to stay comfortable year round
  • Adjustable spray position to always hit the right spot 
  • Automatic air deodorizer will keep your bathroom smelling fresh 
  • Air dryer with five variable temperature settings. Reduce or eliminate your need for toilet paper.
  • Night light to help illuminate your journey in the middle of the night
  • 4-users' personalized memory settings for ultimate flexibility
  • Seamless seat design eliminates the gap where dirt collects, an exclusive feature
  • EWATER+ - auto-cleans wand and bowl after every use, keeping everything sanitary
  • PREMIST automatically mists the bowl and under the seat before each use
  • Instant water heater for continuous warm water and energy savings. Never worry about running out of warm water again
  • Auto-flush compatible 
  • Docking station for easy cleaning and installation
  • Multifunction pearl white block-style remote control

The TOTO S7A also comes in a Sedona Beige color to match your current bathroom decor.

toto washlet s7a sedona beige front view

TOTO S7A Washlet +

Now that the S7A Washlet is replacing the TOTO S550e, you might be wondering about all the new combinations of compatible washlets with TOTO toilets.

Rest assured that all of these new models are rolling out as well, including the brand new Aquia IV Washlet + S7A Two Piece

toto aquia iv washlet + s7a two piece

Washlet S7A Auto-Flush

One of the main draws of the S550e and S500e is the auto-flush feature compatibility. The new S7A and S7 Washlets also have their own auto-flush kits which we have available here

These are sold separately, or can be chosen as part of a bundle with a compatible Washlet+ bidet toilet combo. The new auto-flush kits will have the new part number THU855, THU856 or THU857, but will function the same as the ones for the TOTO S550e and S500e. 

If you have an auto-flush kit installed with your TOTO S550e or S500e and would like to upgrade to a Washlet S7A or S7 Washlet, you will need to purchase a new compatible auto-flush kit. Both the Washlet S7 and TOTO S7A are able to utilize the auto-flush feature with compatible toilets. 

Contact us if you have any questions about auto-flush and compatibility.   

New TOTO Washlet Price

The prices for the new TOTO S7A and S7 Washlets are comparable to the Washlets they’re replacing. Click here for the most current S7A Washlet price. 

TOTO Washlet: How to Use

These new Washlets are very user friendly and can both be controlled by the new S7A remote control. If you have any questions on how to use either the TOTO S7A or the S7 Washlets, feel free to give us a call at (707) 297-3991 and we’d be happy to help. 

We hope you’ve found our TOTO S7A review useful. There’s no doubt in our minds that this new Washlet will again take the place of “the best bidet seat money can buy.” 

The TOTO S550e and S500e are tough to beat, but TOTO has found a way to improve upon these models and take them to further heights. 

TOTO Washlet Review

To recap, our top 5 new features of the TOTO Washlet S7A are: 

  1. Slimmer Seat
  2. 4 user presets (instead of 2)
  3. Lighter
  4. Seamless seat design
  5. Additional PREMIST functionality 

Let us know in the comments what you think about the new Washlets! We think they're fantastic. 

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