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TOTO Washlet S7A - Elongated Bidet Seat

SKU SW4736AT40#01

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Discover the upgraded features of the TOTO S7A Washlet

  • Cutting-edge bidet functionality: Experience advanced hygiene and cleanliness with ease.
  • Automatic open/close lid: Provides a hands-free convenience.
  • EWATER: Electrolyzed water keeps your bidet pristine before and after each use, reducing manual cleaning.
  • PREMIST: Mists the bowl and under the seat for easier cleaning.
  • Gentle warm water spray: Oscillating and pulsating features for a thorough cleanse.
  • Adjustable settings: Customize nozzle, temperature, and pressure for comfort and convenience.
  • Instant water heater: Consistent warm water and energy savings.
  • Warm air dryer: Five temperatures for optimal drying.
  • Automatic deodorizer: Keeps your bathroom smelling fresh.
  • Memory settings: Personalized options for up to 4 users.
  • User-friendly docking station: Eases cleaning and installation.
  • Heated seat: Comfort during colder days.
  • Pearl white remote control: Stylish and functional adjustments.
  • Night light: Safe and easy nighttime visits.
  • Seamless Seat design: Sleek and prevents dirt build-up.
  • Auto-Flush compatible: When combined with the new auto-flush kit (sold seperately) 

Introducing The All New TOTO S7A

Are you looking for "the best bidet seat money can buy?" Elevate your bathroom experience with TOTO's S7A Washlet, the pinnacle of luxury bidet seats. Replacing the beloved TOTO S550e, the Washlet S7A boasts a streamlined design, advanced features, and two elegant styles (Classic and Contemporary). Measuring just 4.06" tall in the back, it's one of the sleekest bidet seats available. Enjoy automatic lid opening, sterilized water mist, and customizable warmth, all with a user-friendly remote.

Instant and Unlimited Warm Water

Experience unparalleled comfort with the TOTO S7A's instant water heater.

Choose from four distinct wash settings: front, rear, wide, or soft and indulge in an endless supply of warm water.

You also have complete control over water temperature, pressure, and the position of the nozzle throughout the wash.

Automatic Open/Close Lid

The TOTO S7A is equipped with a motion sensor that detects your approach and automatically opens the toilet seat or lid, based on your preferences.

After use, the system intelligently waits for a brief period of inactivity (about a minute) before closing on its own.

The sensitivity of the motion sensor can be adjusted if the user finds the seat to be too reactive. A timer can also be turned on so that the seat won't open for at least a minute in case someone just walks by the toilet.

Not ever having to touch a dirty toilet lid increases hygiene and stops the spread of germs. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with mobility challenges, such as post-surgery recovery, simplifying their bathroom routine.

Super Sleek Bidet Seat

The reason the TOTO S7A is able to be so sleek is because of its advanced water heating technology.

Other bidet seats can have bulky tank water heaters that make them uncomfortable to sit on. These bidet seats with tank water heaters have more height in the back and tend to push the user forward.

An ultra slim bidet seat like the TOTO S7A creates a more comfortable sitting experience.

You're going to use it every day, so why not at least make it enjoyable?

Easy to Use Remote Control

The TOTO S7A allows you to save up to 4 unique wash combinations on the remote for a one-touch wash experience - an ideal feature if multiple users are planning to use the bidet.

The S7A Washlet also adds two more features to elevate your wash experience: a nozzle oscillation function, which increases the spray's coverage by moving it back and forth, and a pulse mode that modulates the water pressure for a soothing massage.

You can even flush the toilet via remote control with a compatible auto-flush kit installed (sold separately).

Advanced Sanitation for Peace of Mind

Being a pioneer in personal hygiene, TOTO has fitted the Washlet S7A with a sterilization system for unmatched sanitation.

The toilet bowl, bidet nozzles, and the under seat area are rinsed with sterilized, electrolyzed EWATER+ water before and after every use.

EWATER+ ensures there's no bacteria or dirt left behind and you'll never have any doubts about the cleanliness of your bidet seat. Your toilet bowl will also stay clean longer without the need for scrubbing with harsh chemicals. Win!

S7A Washlet Resources

TOTO Washlet S7A Product Spec Sheet

TOTO S7A - User Manual

TOTO S7A - Classic - SW4734AT40#01

TOTO S7A - Contemporary - SW4736AT40#01

Outstanding Customer Service and Fast Shipping

I can’t say enough about Premier Bidets. Great deals, outstanding customer service, and fast shipping. I’m going to order all my bidets from them!

- Lauchlin Byrd Verified Buyer Add to Cart

TOTO S7A Compatibility Made Easy

When it comes to selecting the right bidet seat for your toilet, understanding the size and shape compatibility is crucial. Toilet bowls come in two primary sizes:

  • round
  • elongated

Round-sized toilets typically measure 16.5" in total length, while elongated toilets are slightly larger at 18.5".

If your toilet has a relatively flat bowl that meets the toilet tank at close to a 90-degree angle, the Washlet S7A should fit seamlessly.

However, if your toilet features a curved tank that meets the bowl on a slope, often referred to as a "french curve" the S7A Washlet unfortunately will not fit.

You will also want to measure the space in between the holes where you attach your toilet seat.

You'll want 5 1/2" of space between them.

Next, make sure there is adequate space between the toilet tank and mounting holes.

For the TOTO S7A, you'll want at least 2"

TOTO S7A Installation Info

When you're in the market for a bidet seat, it's essential to keep a few key factors in mind:

  • ensuring your toilet is compatible
  • having convenient access to a water source
  • GFCI electrical outlet is within 3 feet of the toilet

These considerations will help you make the right choice for your bathroom upgrade

For bidet seats like the TOTO S7A, an electrical outlet within three feet is required. The S7A Washlet can be easily installed at home without a plumber by just following the included installation instructions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Jen E
Great washlet functionality + utility

When we upgraded all the toilets in our home to TOTOs, it was the perfect opportunity to get electrical extended & install this washlet in our primary bathroom. I originally ordered the S7 without night light & auto open/close lid, but realized I wanted those features, and John of Premier Bidets was able to change the order before it shipped. Ordering through Premier Bidets was extremely easy and straight-forward, and John is highly communicative.

I've wanted a washlet for over a decade and have always had cold water bidets (hand-held, NEO, Tushy, etc.) as well as toilet night lights.

I am so glad and have zero regrets with TOTO's S7A washlet, which is a huge upgrade. It is far superior to non-tech bidets; the warm water, heated seat, and fan are all great features. The price might seem steep initially, but completely worth it for the comfort and convenience. If you need to justify it, calculate the cost per use over 1, 5, and 10 years (highly recommend this exercise).

I did realize after installation that I expected the toilet to auto-flush, so I'll be ordering the additional product to integrate that into the washlet.

John Mueller
Toto Washlet S7A

Great service from Premier Bidets. John Grant answered all my questions, & helped ensuring I had the correct washlet model number. Shipping was fast, no problems. Easy to contact via email or phone with any questions. Great price too!

Hrvoje Petek
Toto is the best

We replaced our failing old Toto Bidet seat with the updated S7A. The new seat works fine, and updates make it a welcome change. It is one of our three washouts; we cannot imagine life without it. Premier Bidets staff were professional and executed this purchase flawlessly.

Fei Wu
Bought from them twice

Fast shipping and great product!

Isabel Sigwarth
The Best Ever


We have the Toto S7A Washlet Bidet. We purchased the bidet from Premier Bidet by a phone call and spoke with John. I had done some research ahead of time so I knew exactly what I wanted. For many years family members have told me that a bidet is something a person will purchase and will never go without.They also encouraged me to buy the Toto as it stands out among its competitors . John answered all our questions patiently and thoroughly. John was very trustworthy. I felt after speaking with him that I could call him with any questions about the product anytime. I love this bidet and can’t believe the quality, cleanliness, and pampering. It was the easiest seat to install. If anyone questions whether they should buy one or not—do buy one as you’ll be completely satisfied!! I strongly suggest to talk to John at Premiere Bidet. You’ll have no regrets!

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TOTO Bidet Toilet Seat Classic TOTO S7A Washlet - Elongated Bidet Seat

TOTO Washlet S7A - Elongated Bidet Seat