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Call for Special Pricing! 707-297-3991


TOTO Auto-Flush Kits

Elevate Your Bathroom Experience with TOTO Auto-Flush Kits

Discover the ultimate in convenience and hygiene with our exclusive collection of TOTO Auto-Flush Kits, designed to seamlessly integrate with your TOTO Washlet S7 or S7A bidet seat for an effortlessly clean experience.

Each kit is crafted to enhance your bathroom's functionality, ensuring a hands-free, automatic flush that marries innovation with elegance.

Compatibility and Selection

These kits are exclusively compatible with TOTO toilets and will not work unless installed on a more recent TOTO toilet.

To ensure a match made in bathroom heaven, choose from our selection based on your toilet's specifications:

  • Single Flush Toilets: Opt for the THU857 kit for a streamlined, efficient flush.
  • Dual Flush Toilets (Aquia IV): The THU855 kit is your go-to for versatile flushing options.
  • 1 Gallon Per Flush Toilets: Select the THU856 kit 

Please Note: The Auto-Flush Kit is sold separately from the bidet seat, allowing you to customize your bathroom setup according to your specific needs and preferences.

Why Choose a TOTO Auto-Flush Kit?

  • Hygienic Solution: Minimize the spread of germs with an automatic flush system that requires no physical contact.
  • ADA compliant: Particularly helpful for those with an injury or a physical limitation