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toto s7a vs s550e washlet comparison

TOTO S7A vs S550e: What’s the Difference?

Back in June of 2023, TOTO made a startling announcement that the popular TOTO Washlet S550e and S500e were both being discontinued.

The good news however, is that TOTO is rolling out two brand new models that will replace these popular Washlets. These new Washlets are essentially updated versions of the models they’re replacing.  

The TOTO S7A will replace the TOTO Washlet S550e, while the TOTO Washlet S7 will replace the TOTO S500e. 

toto s7a lifestyle image with water in the background

TOTO S550e vs S7A

So what’s the deal with these new Washlets? Are the new models as good as the ones they’re replacing?

We’ll answer those questions and more with our guide to the TOTO S7A vs S550e Washlet.   

TOTO S7A vs S550e - Differences

toto s7a vs s550e washlet

Let's start off with how the TOTO S550e and the new S7A Washlet differ: 

  1. Updated Seat Design
  2. Updated Remote Control 
  3. Additional Features
  4. More Compatibility 

Let’s dive into each of these points to really understand what’s going on. 

Updated TOTO S7A Seat Design

The TOTO S7A is one of the slimmest bidet seats on the market (for the current sleekest bidet seat on the market, click here.)

The new sleeker seat is one of the more significant design improvements over the S550e Washlet. 

toto washlet s7a height

The S7A seat is 4.06” tall for both styles (classic and contemporary) while the classic TOTO S550e seat is 5” (contemporary is S550e seat is 4.81” tall). 

Seamless Seat

Another major design upgrade is the advent of a seamless seat. TOTO was able to remove a gap under the seat that was found on the S550e and S500e Washlets. 

This seam, which could trap dirt and urine and also be hard to clean, is now a thing of the past. 

Updated Look 

While not vastly different in appearance, the new models have an updated design making them even more attractive. The new Contemporary lid style on the S7A Washlet is also more rounded and modern looking, an aesthetic upgrade from the TOTO S550e. 

toto washlet s7a dimensions

The S7A Washlet is also one pound lighter than the TOTO S550e. The TOTO S7A weighs 15 lbs while the TOTO S550e comes in at 16 lbs.   

TOTO S7A Remote Control

The TOTO S7A  has revamped the entire remote control design. It features a horizontal arrangement with more prominent primary buttons. These main buttons are also backlit, facilitating nighttime use. 

toto washlet s7a remote control diagram

Also, instead of just two pre-programmable user presets, the TOTO S7A now boasts four user presets. 

Now your entire family can save their own personalized settings so you never have to compromise. Enjoy your preferred seat warmth or water temperature at the touch of a button. You could even save different settings for colder and warmer months. 

On the flip side of the remote are additional buttons to customize your washlet experience. TOTO decided to omit the LCD screen from the back of the remote. While this does enhance the life of the battery, it poses challenges in adjusting advanced settings.

Additional TOTO S7A Washlet Features

The S550e has always had a PREMIST feature that rinses the bowl and wand with EWATER before and after each use. EWATER is electrolyzed water with a lower PH that cleans naturally without the use of harsh chemicals.

Now that PREMIST/EWATER feature will also extend to rinsing underneath the seat as well. 

toto washlet premist feature

You can also manually mist the toilet bowl with Ewater+ via a button on the back of the remote. 

TOTO is so thoughtful!

Power Deodorizer

Also new and improved is a “power deodorizer” mode that amps up the deodorizer fan’s already powerful functions. This might come in handy if you’re having tummy trouble and your bathroom’s scented candle isn’t pulling its weight. 

Extra Remote Control Options

TOTO has also enhanced the automatic lid feature for the S7A. When paired with the new auto flush kit, the S7A Washlet can be configured to shut the lid automatically before flushing, making your bathroom experience as hygienic as possible.

The S7A Washlet allows for more control and lets you really get into the nitty gritty. You can schedule power-saving modes, switch the LED lighting to 'night mode' and even modify the auto lid's timing.

TOTO S7A Compatibility

The TOTO S7A's increased compatibility with all kinds of elongated toilets is also another area where it shines over the S550e Washlet.

The Washlet S7A is now compatible with both standard toilets and TOTO T20/T40 models as a component of the Washlet+ system. TOTO has repositioned the water hose and electrical cord to cater to both types of installations. 

The TOTO S7A also gains auto-flush capability when paired with an appropriate TOTO auto-flush kit, which is available for purchase separately.

TOTO S7A vs S550e - Similarities

Although there are some important design upgrades that allow the S7A Washlet to stand out from the TOTO S550e, the two products are mostly the same as far as cleaning functions go. 

toto s7a washlet

The S7A is simply an updated version of the S550e, so you’ll still have all the same amazing cleaning and convenience features you were used to. 

Features that the S7A and S550e share: 

  • Unlimited, instant warm water washes - No waiting for water to heat up
  • Aerated water for a gentler yet more efficient wash
  • Adjustable temperature and pressure to fit your own specific comfort needs
  • Adjustable spray position to always hit the right spot
  • Adjustable warm air dryer with 5 temperature settings to reduce or eliminate the use of toilet paper 
  • Automatic Open/Close lid for a truly hands off experience
  • Auto flush mode that flushes the toilet automatically after the user stands (with compatible TOTO toilets)
  • Automatic air deodorizer that keeps your bathroom smelling fresh and clean 
  • Automatic self cleaning with the use of electrolyzed EWATER  
  • Heated seat to keep warm and comfortable on chilly mornings 
  • Nightlight to help guide you to where you need to go in the dark
  • Easily removable for cleaning and a docking station for installation
As you can see, the TOTO S550e and the new S7A Washlet both share many of the same features. If you need to replace your old S550e, you can rest assured that you'll still be getting the same features you know and love, but now with an updated design.   
toto washlet s7a


Wondering about compatibility with other TOTO or non TOTO toilets? The S7A Washlet will fit onto any elongated toilet. If you're a fan of the TOTO S550e compatibility with other toilets, than you'll be pleased in this area as well. 

How do the TOTO S7A and S7 Washlets differ?

You might be wondering how the new S7A Washlet differs from the new S7 washlet. We can sum this up pretty easily, as the main difference between the two is an automatic open/close lid. The S7A has it and the TOTO S7 doesn’t. 

toto washlet s7 vs s7a comparison chart

Just as the main difference between the S550e and S500e was the auto open/close lid as well. For more info about the differences between the TOTO S7A and S7 Washlets, you can read our article here.

The S7 Washlet does includes a night-light (which the TOTO S500e did not) so there's an upgraded feature there as well. 

TOTO Washlet + S7A Bidet Toilet Combos

Now that the TOTO S7A and S7 are replacing the S550e and S500e, the entire catalog of made-to-fit bidet toilet combos (the Washlet+ series) is also being updated with these new models.

So now instead of the popular TOTO Aquia IV Washlet+ S550e Two Piece, you’ll have the new TOTO Aquia IV Washlet + S7A Two Piece.  

toto aquia iv washlet + s7a two piece

The TOTO S550e and S500e are also being swapped out with the S7A and S7 on the EP and AP wall-hung bidet toilet combos as well. 

Look out for the TOTO EP Washlet + S7A Wall-Hung Toilet and the AP Washlet+ S7A Wall-Hung Toilet, both available now. 

toto ap washlet + S7A wall hung toilet

S7A Auto-Flush

One important feature of these new bidet toilet combos is auto-flush. Fans of auto-flush, found on compatible toilets with the S550e and S500e, will happy to hear that the new Washlets will also feature this fan favorite compatibility. 

The TOTO S7A and S7 Washlets will have their own new auto-flush kit. So you won't be able to use your old auto-flush kit that you used with your S550e or S500e, if you were to upgrade.

You'll need to choose the right auto-flush kit for your compatible TOTO toilet.

  • For push button dual flush: THU856
  • For trip lever dual flush: THU855
  • For trip lever single flush: THU857

Click here to take a look at all the new auto-flush kit for the S7A and S7 Washlets, which are sold separately. 

S7A Availability

All new combinations of TOTO toilets with the new upgraded models are available now. The TOTO S550e and Washlet S500e will still be available while supplies last.

Premier Bidets is one of the first retailers to have these new TOTO Washlets available. The TOTO S7A release date has arrived. 

Click here to purchase the TOTO S7A and get the latest, greatest model from the trusted industry leader in hygiene and style in your bathroom. 

If you have any questions about the new models or need help picking out the right seat for you, don't hesitate to reach out.

(707) 297-3991

Let us know in the comments what you think about these product changes. We’d love to hear from you.

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