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toto s7 vs s7a washlet comparison blue background

TOTO S7 vs S7A : Washlet Comparison

TOTO announced back in June of 2023 that it would be discontinuing two of its most popular washlets, the TOTO S550e and the S500e Washlets.

Despite being arguably the two most advanced bidet seats on the market, TOTO felt like they could do better. 

Their replacements? Enter the brand new TOTO Washlet S7A and S7 Washlet. 

With the TOTO S7A release date rapidly approaching, you’re probably asking “What’s the difference between these two new TOTO Washlets?”

We’ll answer that question and so much more with our guide to the TOTO S7 vs S7A Washlets.

Classic and Contemporary Styles

Both the TOTO S7A and S7 come in classic or contemporary styles.

"Classic" has a beveled edge along the rim of the lid that you can see below:

toto washlet s7a
Whereas with "Contemporary" lid style, the appearance is smooth and rounded all the way across and doesn't have the indentation that the classic style has.
That's the only difference between classic and contemporary. 
The contemporary lid style is on display below:


toto washlet s7a

TOTO Washlets explained

First let's get some basic terminology out of the way. 

If you’re wondering if there’s a difference between TOTO Washlet vs bidet seat, there’s not. The term “Washlet” is just TOTO’s proprietary term for electric bidet seat. They’re the same thing.

Now let’s get TOTO Washlet vs Washlet+ handled. If you’re confused about the difference between TOTO Washlet and Washlet+ that’s a little bit different. 

New Washlet+ Compatibility

Washlet+ bidet units are specifically designed for a seamless integration with what’s known as a TOTO T40 toilet. These toilets have extra space or electrical cords and hoses to fit through in the back for a cleaner installation.   

Washlet+ bidet seats have all the same features as normal Washlets but they can only be installed on a compatible TOTO T40 toilet.

What's cool about the new TOTO S7A and S7 Washlets is that they're both compatible with T40 and regular toilets.

You can tell by each product's model number. The "T40" at the end signifies this new compatibility. 

  • S7A Classic: SW4734AT40#01
  • S7A Contemporary: SW4736AT40#01
  • S7 Classic: SW4724AT40#01
  • S7 Contemporary: SW4726AT40#01

TOTO S7 vs S7A   

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the TOTO Washlet S550e vs S500e, the bidet seats the S7A and S7 are replacing.

The main difference between these two Washlets is one important feature, an automatic open/close lid

toto s7a vs s7 auto open/close lid

The Washlet S550e has this popular feature and the TOTO S500e doesn’t. Because of this there is also a price difference between the two Washlets. 

It should come as no surprise then, that the main way the S7A and S7 differ is this same auto open/close lid feature. The S7 is replacing the S500e and the S7A is replacing the S550e.

Thus, the S7A Washlet has an auto open/close lid and the S7 doesn’t. Because of this additional feature, the TOTO S7A is a bit more expensive than the Washlet S7.

These two new Washlets do however share the same design and cleaning features. This is also the case when comparing the TOTO Washlet S500e vs S550e.  

For a full list of features you can check out this TOTO Washlet comparison chart for the S7 vs S7A here: 

toto s7 vs s7a comparison table

So to recap, the main differences between the TOTO S7A vs S7 are:

  • S7A - has auto open/close lid
  • S7A - more expensive 
  • S7 - no auto open/close lid
  • S7 - less expensive 

How are the new TOTO Washlets different from the old ones?

Now that you know the differences between the TOTO S7 vs S7A, you might be wondering how they differ from the Washlets they’re replacing. 

There are five main ways these new Washlets are an upgrade from the TOTO S550e and S500e:

  1. Slimmer seat 
  2. One pound lighter 
  3. More user presets 
  4. Extra EWATER wash
  5. No seam under the seat

Sleek Design

The seat height of the new TOTO Washlets is 4.06” which is almost an inch slimmer than the S550e and S500e Washlets. This may not seem like a lot at first, but when you’re attaching a bidet seat to a toilet, every inch counts. 

toto washlet s7a seat height

The TOTO S7 and Washlet S7A both weigh 15 lbs whereas the S550e and S500e both come in at 16 lbs. Again, not a massive difference, but it’s still impressive that TOTO was able to make these seats even more compact. 

While the TOTO S7 and S7A are very thin seats, they aren't the sleekest.

To learn more about the current sleekest bidet seat on the market, click here.

Updated Remote Control

You can now program up to four different user presets into the updated TOTO S7 and S7A remote control. If you live in a large household where many people use the Washlet, or if you’d like different settings for all four seasons, this is now all programmable. 


The EWATER feature had previously only been utilized on the bidet wand and toilet bowl, but now this rinse also touches the under area of the seat. This ensures a cleaner toilet and an overall more hygienic bathroom experience. 

Seamless Seat 

Finally, where there had always been a seam on the underside of the S550e and S500e Washlets, is now seamless. This prevents any dirt and debri from collecting and makes it much easier to clean overall. 

toto s7 washlet side view

If you’d like to learn more about the differences between the new Washlets and the ones they’re replacing, you can read our article about that here. 

Which TOTO Washlet is best?

So now that we know the main differences between the TOTO S7 vs S7A Washlets, how do you decide which TOTO Washlet to buy?

The answer to this question really comes down to which features you'd like to have and your price range. These TOTO Washlets are top of the line units that come packed with every feature you could possibly want in an electric bidet seat. 

toto s7 washlet sedona beige

The TOTO Washlet price tag is one main thing to take into consideration, as these are not inexpensive bidet toilet attachments. More features means they're going to cost more.

For the most current price of the TOTO S7A click here. For an up to date price on the TOTO S7 click here

There are definitely less expensive Washlet options available. The TOTO Washlet C2 and the TOTO Washlet C5 are both popular electric bidet seats, but they lack many of the features that make the S550e and S500e currently so sought after. 

With features being the other main consideration you’ll have to ask yourself what you're looking for in a bidet seat. Do you have any disabilities or suffer from mobility issues that would lead you towards needing certain features? 

toto s7a side view

If you have arthritis or lack dexterity in your fingers and limbs, then an auto open/close lid might be something you’re willing to pay a little more for.

The S7 and S7A are also the only TOTO Washlets that are auto-flush compatible. This is a convenient feature to have if you're able bodied, but if you or someone you love have a disability, this could be a necessity.  

For more information about the benefits of bidets for those with disabilities, you can read our article about the best bidets for handicapped here.

Auto-flush kits are sold separately or sold as a bundle with a compatible Washlet+ bidet toilet combo

toto washlet + s7a side view

Auto-flush uses a sensor to detect when you’ve stood up from the toilet and automatically flushes the toilet for you. 

Along with an auto open/close lid and an adjustable warm air dryer, you literally would not need to use your hands to use the toilet at all.

Can TOTO Washlets be installed on any toilet?

One important thing to keep in mind when thinking about purchasing the TOTO S7 or S7A Washlets is the shape of your toilet. You’ll need to know whether you have a round or elongated toilet as the S7A and S7 Washlets are only available in elongated seat size.  

toto s7 vs s7a fitment guide

Round toilets typically measure 16.5” from where the seat connects to the bowl to the outside lip of the bowl. For elongated toilets this measurement is typically 18.5”. 

Most bidet seats will also not be able to be installed on a toilet that has a "french curve." For more information about those types of toilets and installing a bidet seat, you can read our bidet buyer's guide here.

For more information about S7A installation and S7 installation you can check out the product specification sheets here.

If you’re still confused about these TOTO Washlets and how to use them, you can always give us a call at (707)-297-3991 or email us at 

We hope our guide to the TOTO S7 vs S7A has been helpful. Please leave a comment below if there’s anything else you’d like us to answer! 

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Carolyn Williams - November 17, 2023

We just had a new Toto toilet and S7a washlet installed a week ago. My brother thought I was crazy spending that kind of money on a toilet, but it is the best decision my husband and I made this year. Can’t believe I’d not done it sooner. Feels so much cleaner (and it is) and less toilet paper being used.

Paul Izenberg - November 15, 2023

Want to buy the best Toto seat for my Toto toilet which is a Toto 1.6pf/6.0Lpf. . It’s an elongated seat and thinking about the S7+ or (I guess) the S7A. Are these the same? And what is the price for me. I live in Zip 48105. Is their State Tax and cost for shipping. Please send me all info on that seat to my email. Thanks.

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