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toto s7a vs c5: which washlet should i buy?

TOTO S7A vs C5: Washlet Comparison

TOTO announced earlier in 2023 that the popular S550e Washlet was being discontinued and replaced with the TOTO Washlet S7A.

Also announced was that the TOTO S500e was being discontinued and replaced by the TOTO S7 Washlet.

For more information about the difference between the S7 and S7A Washlets, you can read our article about that here.

So how does the C5 Washlet, one of the most popular bidet seats from TOTO, compare to the new “best bidet seat money can buy?”

If you’re looking for information about which TOTO Washlet is best, we’ve got the answers! Enjoy our guide to the TOTO S7A vs C5.  

Washlet S7A vs TOTO C5

The TOTO C5 is pictured below:

 toto washlet c5

Here's a similar view of the new TOTO Washlet S7A:

toto washlet s7a

There are some obvious differences between these two Washlet bidet seats.

Here are the major areas where the TOTO Washlet C5 and the S7A Washlet differ:

  1. Features
  2. Design
  3. Price

We’ll go into greater detail about each of these categories to help learn what you need to know about the TOTO C5 and Washlet S7A.

Feature Differences

toto s7a vs c5

First we’ll start with the differences in features between the TOTO Washlet S7A vs C5.

The following are some the most sought-after features that the C5 Washlet does not have:

  • Instant/unlimited warm water
  • An auto open/close lid
  • Auto-flush compatibility

One of the most important distinctions to make relates to the most important part of a bidet seat: the wash. 

toto washlet spray options water with bidet wand

Instant and Unlimited Warm Water

One of the most significant ways the TOTO Washlet S7A stands out from the TOTO C5 is the fact that it has instant and unlimited warm water.

The S7A Washlet has an instant tankless water heater where the Washlet C5 has a tank water heater. 

We go into a lot of detail about tank vs tankless water heaters in our article about warm water bidets here. 

So you’ll likely have to wait for a few seconds before the water is actually warm with the C5 Washlet, whereas with the S7A Washlet, warm water will be instantaneous.

You also have a limited amount of warm water with the TOTO C5 bidet because of the tank water heater. 

Once all the warm water in the tank is used up, you’re out. Your wash water will be at ambient temperature until it has time to heat up again.

With the TOTO S7A Washlet, you’ll never have to worry about your warm water running out. 

Auto open/close lid

Another key feature that the Washlet C5 lacks is an automatic open/close lid.

As soon as you approach the TOTO S7A, the lid will begin to open and the PREMIST feature will activate and start rinsing the toilet bowl, bidet spray wand and under the seat.

When you’re finished doing your business and walk away from the toilet, the lid will automatically close as well.

Isn’t modern technology amazing?

Since the TOTO S550e is being discontinued, the S7A Washlet is the only TOTO bidet seat to have this luxurious feature.

While this may seem like a frivolous luxury, it's a major selling point for some people. 


Another feature that was previously only available on the TOTO S550e and TOTO S500e is auto-flush.

This feature uses a sensor to detect when a user has finished and stood up from the toilet and the toilet automatically flushes for them. 

There is also a remote control option to flush the toilet while seated as well.

The lack of TOTO C5 compatibility with this feature is another major way these Washlets differ. 

toto s7a washlet remote


A new auto-flush kit for the TOTO S7A and TOTO S7 Washlet is sold separately, unless it's purchased as part of a Washlet + combo like the TOTO Aquia IV Washlet + S7A Two Piece.

toto aquia iv washlet + s7a two piece

Whether you’d like to avoid touching a dirty toilet seat lid again, you’re impacted by mobility issues or have a disability of some sort, an auto open/close lid and auto-flush can be very valuable features. 

For more information about the benefits of bidets for the handicapped, you can read our article here.

Design Differences

As we mentioned earlier, the TOTO C5 has a tank water heater where the S7A Washlet has an instant water heater.

Besides the practical warm water aspect of this difference, the look and feel for the user are impacted as well. 

The warm water tank in the C5 Washlet adds some bulk and height to the back of the seat.

Because of this, the tank heater can cause the user to be pushed forward a bit as they sit on the bidet seat.

This is less comfortable than sitting on an ultra sleek seat like the Washlet S7A. 

The TOTO Washlet C5 seat height is 5.81” tall. You can see where it bulks up in the back in the image below:


toto washlet c5 seat height

The TOTO Washlet S7A is ultra sleek and has a seat height of only 4.01” tall. You can observe the difference in height in the image below:


toto washlet s7a seat height
For more information about each of these product's dimensions you can find links to the specification sheets below:


Cost is another obvious distinction when comparing the TOTO Washlet C5 vs S7A. All of the feature and design differences we’ve outlined above have led us to where the decision can come down to price. 

The TOTO Washlet C5 is significantly less expensive than the S7A Washlet.

For the latest price on the TOTO C5 click here. For the most up to date price of the TOTO Washlet S7A click here

For its price, the TOTO C5 has a surprising number of features. Few bidet seats in it's price range have a heated seat, deodorizer and a warm air dryer.

The Washlet S7A on the other hand, has all the bells and whistles that justifies its price.

We can think of few improvements to this new bidet seat or suggest features it doesn’t already have (besides enema wash).

Would it be too much trouble to have either of them play some music? Because that would be awesome. 

Similarities Between TOTO S7A vs C5 Washlet

Now that we’ve covered the main ways in which these two Washlets differ, let's talk about all the features they do share. 

Below are some of the main feature highlights that are shared between the TOTO S7A and TOTO C5: 

  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure
  • Oscillating massage modes
  • Aerated water for a gentler, more effective cleanse
  • Heated seat 
  • Deodorizer
  • Warm air dryer
  • Remote control
  • EWATER on wand     
  • PREMIST of toilet bowl before use
  • Seamless seat

One of these shared features to note is the seamless seat. This is a new feature upgrade from the TOTO S550e and is now standard on both of these bidet seats. 

For more information about the differences between the TOTO S550e and the new TOTO S7A, you can read our article here. For a TOTO S550e spec sheet you can click here.

TOTO S7A vs TOTO C5 Review

We hope our article outlying the differences between the TOTO S7A and C5 Washlets was helpful. To recap the main differences:

  1. Price
  2. Features
  3. Design

It will be up to you to decide which features are most valuable to you, your price range and which Washlet fits your needs. 

Give us a call at 707-297-3991 and we can give you personalized assistance with any questions you might have. 

Also, let us know in the comments if there was something you’re still not clear on and we’ll get the information to you right away!

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