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TOTO S7A vs K300: Which Washlet is Better?

TOTO S7A vs K300: Which Washlet is Better?

TOTO announced earlier in 2023 that the S550e Washlet, often referred to as “best bidet seat money can buy,” was being discontinued. 

In its place is the brand new TOTO S7A, an upgraded version of the popular TOTO S550e. 

toto s7a washlet

Runner up for best bidet seat on the planet just might be the TOTO K300. The K300 Washlet is a feature-packed bidet seat at almost half the price of the current reigning champion.  

toto k300 washlet

So what are the main differences between these two top bidet toilet seats

We’ll answer that question and so much more with our guide to the TOTO S7A vs K300. 

TOTO K300 vs S7A - Main Differences

toto s7a vs k300

When comparing the S7A Washlet and the K300 Washlet, there are three main categories to look at: 

  1. Features
  2. Design
  3. Color Options
  4. Price

We’ll dive into each one to give you a better understanding of what’s different between these two top-notch bidet toilet seats. 


What can really differentiate TOTO Washlets are the included features. The TOTO S7A is replacing the most feature-rich bidet seat on the market, so it should come as no surprise that the TOTO K300 has less features. 

Here are some of the main features that the S7A Washlet has that the K300 doesn’t:

  • Automatic open/close lid
  • Nightlight
  • 4 user presets 
  • Premist under seat
  • 6 wash modes
  • 5 dryer temp settings

Let’s go into each of these in a bit more detail. We’ll start with possibly the most astounding and differentiating feature of the TOTO S7A Washlet: an automatic open/close lid. 

Auto Open/Close Lid

Previously, the only TOTO Washlet to have the automatic open/close lid feature was the TOTO S550e. 

Now that the TOTO S7A has replaced the S550e bidet seat, it should come as no surprise that the upgraded S7A Washlet has this amazing feature as well. 

The automatic open/close lid works via a motion sensor that automatically opens the lid as you approach. After you’re done using the toilet and walk away, the lid then automatically closes after you. 

toto washlet auto open/close lid

Pretty cool huh?

Wanna learn more about the differences between the TOTO S7A and the S550e? Read our article here.

Night Light

Those not familiar with electric bidet seats don’t understand the amazing convenience of having a night-light built into the product. 

The last thing we want to do in the middle of the night is turn on a bathroom light to find and use the toilet. It’s a bit surprising to us that the TOTO K300 doesn’t have this simple yet all too important feature. 

4 User Presets

The new S7A Washlet has four user presets vs the two that are available on the TOTO K300. This is another upgrade over the TOTO S550e as well. 

toto s7a washlet remote control

Now up to four individualized settings can be stored in the updated remote control for use. Whether you’ll actually need four user settings is another thing to consider. 


Both units have a PREMIST feature where the bowl is misted before use. 

toto premist feature

With the S7A Washlet, this begins as the user approaches the toilet. With the K300 Washlet the PREMIST starts when the user sits down and activates the seat sensor.  

The S7A Washlet has extra PREMIST applied to the under-side of the seat and the K300 Washlet does not. 

Wash Modes 

The TOTO K300 has four distinct modes to the TOTO S7A’s six. We’ll break those down below.

TOTO K300:

  1. Front wash
  2. Rear wash
  3. Rear soft
  4. Oscillating mode


  1. Front wash
  2. Wide Front
  3. Rear wash
  4. Rear soft
  5. Oscillating mode
  6. Pulsating mode

You’ll have a wider variety of water pressures to play with on the Washlet S7A vs TOTO K300. They both however have instant, unlimited water heating

For more information about the different types of warm water bidet heaters, you can read our article about that here

Dryer Temp Settings

Both the TOTO S7A and the Washlet K300 have a warm air dryer feature. This will allow you to greatly reduce or entirely eliminate the need for toilet paper. 

The S7A Washlet has the option of five different temperature settings while the K300 Washlet only has three. Having a little more variation in this department is nice as this is a sensitive area. Otherwise your choices are cold, medium and hot.   


There are some design advantages when comparing the TOTO S7A vs K300. 

Some of the upgraded design improvements include:

  • Seamless seat
  • Slimmer seat
  • Shorter lid-up height

We’ll explore some of them in a bit more detail here. 

Seamless Seat

One of the main upgrades from the TOTO S550e to the TOTO S7A is a seamless seat. The TOTO K300 has a gap underneath the seat that can collect dirt and grime. 

The S7A Washlet design eliminates this gap which makes it easier to clean and allows for a more hygienic user experience. The TOTO C5 Washlet is another bidet seat with this upgraded seamless seat. 

toto washlet s7a seamless seat

For the differences between the TOTO S7A and C5 Washlet, we have an article here just for you. 

Seat Height

The TOTO S7A is one of the sleekest bidet seats on the market with a seat height of only 4.06”. 

toto s7a washlet seat height measure

The TOTO K300 has an overall seat height of 5.19”


toto k300 washlet dimensions

There’s an obvious winner here in this regard. We love a sleek seat!

Lid-Up Height

For those remodeling their bathroom and looking at the dimensions they have to work with, every inch can count. 

The height from the very bottom of the seat to when the lid is raised up measures:

  • TOTO S7A : 22.125”
  • TOTO K300 : 23.94”

As you can see in the dimensions for the K300 below, there is almost a 2” difference between the TOTO S7A vs K300 raised lid height. 


toto washlet k300 seat dimensions


*We'd include an image of the TOTO S7A dimensions, but there's a slight error on the spec sheet from TOTO. Part of the drawing is cut off so you can't read the numbers correctly. We'll update this article once TOTO updates the S7A spec sheet.*

For those looking to put a bidet seat on a wall-hung toilet with an existing actuator plate, you wouldn’t want the lid to totally obscure the flush buttons. In those types of situations an inch or two here and there can make a big difference. 

For those interested in looking at all the dimensions and additional product info, we have the TOTO S7A vs K300 specs below: 

Comparing the TOTO S7A to the TOTO S7 is pretty much the same as comparing the differences between TOTO S500e and S550e

toto s550e washlet side view

If you were interested in comparing the product info for the previous version of the S7A, we’ve got the TOTO S550e specs right here. 

For the TOTO S550e best price you can click here

For more info about the differences between the TOTO S7 and S7A, you can read our article about that here.  

And while we're talking about design and dimensions, here’s a link about how to install TOTO K300.  

The S7A installation manual can be found here.

Color Options

Yet another important thing to consider are the available color options for these two Washlets. Depending on your existing bathroom decor, this one might be a deal breaker. 

The new TOTO S7A only comes in cotton white, whereas the TOTO K300 Washlet comes in both white and sedona beige

toto k300 washlet in sedona beige

If you’re a diehard sedona beige person, then there really aren’t any other options for a higher end TOTO Washlet. This is it. 

Sedona beige options seem to be disappearing with the new TOTO Neorest bidet toilets as well. Luckily the TOTO K300 in Sedona Beige is here to stay, for now.

The TOTO Neorest RH and TOTO Neorest AH sedona beige options are being discontinued with no replacement.

toto neorest rh in sedona beige

The new TOTO Neorest AS and Neorest RS are the updated versions of those models and they are only available in white. 

For more information about the new TOTO Neorest models you can read our articles about them here and here

TOTO S7A vs K300 Price

So now we get to price. Do you want to guess which one costs more? 

If you guessed the TOTO Washlet with all the extra features and a much slimmer design, than you are correct! 15 Washlet points for you.

toto s7a washlet

For the most current price for the TOTO S7A click here.

For the TOTO K300 price click here

TOTO K300 vs S7A Similarities

It’s not all differences in this comparison! We wanted to provide you with the whole picture in order for you to make the most informed decision. 

Here are all the most important features that both the TOTO S7A and K300 Washlet share:

  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure
  • Aerated water for a gentler yet more effective cleanse
  • Unlimited warm water
  • Instant warm water
  • Automatic deodorizer
  • Heated seat
  • Warm air dryer with temp control   
  • Remote control 
  • EWATER - Electrolyzed water for self cleaning

TOTO S7A vs TOTO K300 Review

We hope you’ve found our Washlet comparison guide helpful. For more information you can always contact us here or give us a call!


Leave us a comment about your experience with either of these Washlets and let us know which one you think is better. 

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