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30-60 Day Risk Free Trials - Click Here to Learn More
30-60 Day Risk Free Trials - Click Here to Learn More


Cascade Bidet - Cascade 3000 Bidet Seat

The Cascade 3000 is the flagship (and only) product of the Cascade brand of bidets. Cascade is owned by Dignity Solutions, which is also a Hygiene for Health company. A little confusing, we know! 

Cascade 3000 Bidet Seat

What you need to know is that the Cascade 3000 is a high quality bidet seat backed by a Full 4 Year Warranty and a 60 Day Risk Free Trial. 

That means that you can install this bidet seat in your home and try it out for a full 60 days (from date of purchase).

If for some reason you're not totally in love, we will give you a full refund AND pay for shipping it back to us. 

How's that for risk free? You literally cannot afford not to give this a try!

Cascade 3000 Bidet Seat Features

The Cascade 3000 was specifically designed for the elderly and those with disabilities. It's easy to use, ADA compliant remote, is the largest on the market and perfect for those with any kind of visual impairment. 

Cascade 3000 Bidet Seat Large ADA Compliant Remote

The Cascade 3000 is the leading bidet seat for those aging-in-place or in assisted living communities. You can read our article about the "Best Bidets for the Elderly" here.

This high quality bidet seat comes packed with features designed to make your life easier. 

One Touch Wash and Dry

Touch the "Auto" button to enable a one minute wash, followed by a three minute warm air dry cycle. A hands-off experience ensures you'll maintain the utmost in hygiene. 

Unlimited, Instant Warm Water Wash

No waiting for warm water and never worry about running out either. The warm water heater is instant, tankless and results in a sleek design. For more info on warm water bidets you can check out our article here. 

Automatic Deodorizer

Make your bathroom experience as pleasant as possible with a powerful deodorizer that automatically traps any unwanted odors.  

Sittable Lid

Not all bidet lids can support the weight of an adult. The Cascade 3000 bidet comes with a sittable lid that can hold up to 300lbs, one of the strongest on the market. 

Warm Air Dryer

Reduce or eliminate your need for wasteful toilet paper with a warm air dryer. You'll experience relief from itchy, scratchy dry-wiping and also save money and trees. The Cascade 3000 will actually pay for itself in a few years with the money you'll save on toilet paper. 

  • Dignity Solutions Bidet Toilet Seat Round / Sleek Cascade 3000 Bidet Toilet Seat
    Dignity Solutions Bidet Toilet Seat Round / Large Cascade 3000 Bidet Toilet Seat
    Cascade Cascade 3000 Bidet Seat

    The ADA Compliant Cascade 3000 Bidet Seat  Do you suffer from limited mobility? Do you have trouble seeing as well as you used to? If your ability...

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