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Ultra-NOVA Bidet Seat Review 2024

Ultra-NOVA Bidet Seat Review 2024

Nova Bidets have released an exciting upgrade to their popular Eco Nova bidet seat.  The brand new Ultra-Nova bidet seat is a luxurious addition to the brand’s current offerings and a new favorite of ours here at Premier Bidets. 


ultranova bidet top view


The Ultra-NOVA, released at the end of 2023, is on par with (and dare we say, even better than) the Washlet S7A, the top high-end bidet seat from bathroom giant TOTO.

toto s7a washlet bidet seat

So, with that being said, let’s dive into our Ultra Nova bidet review.

Ultra-Nova Bidet Seat Review 

If you’ve read the Eco Nova bidet reviews, you know that it has been a popular seat for good reason. The Ultra-Nova is a step up from the Eco Nova, vying for a position for best bidet toilet 2024.

The Ultra-Nova bidet seat promises to take personal hygiene to the next level and elevate the bathroom experience with a super sleek, elegant design.

Most notably, it's also the slimmest bidet seat available on the market today. 

ultra nova bidet seat height comparison

Top Feature Highlights

If you’re looking for Ultra Nova bidet reviews, reddit usually has users weighing in on their experience. We’re going to go a step further here and breakdown what we believe are the top features and why we like them. 

Some of the standout features of the Ultra-NOVA include:

  • Automatic open/close lid
  • Ultra slim seat
  • Auto-flush (Ultra-NOVA+)
  • Enema Wash
  • Self sterilization
  • Sittable lid 

We’ll dig into these features that make this ultra-slim bidet so great and tell you why we think it will be a major player in the high-end bidet world for many years to come. 

Auto Open-Close Lid

One of the Ultra-Nova’s standout features is an auto open-close lid. Not only does it give you more convenience and better hygiene, it adds a touch of luxury to your toilet. 

ultra nova auto lid open

While this type of automatic lid has come to be expected in top quality bidet seats, the hands-free functionality truly is a gamechanger—especially for the elderly and those with limited mobility. 

This feature is a simple addition that makes a big difference in your overall experience. Sure to impress your guests too! 

Ultra Slim Seat

As we mentioned, the Ultra-Nova bidet seat is now the slimmest on the market with a back seat height of just 3.66 inches. This new slim profile of the seat plus the lipless lid means that the Ultra-Nova looks sleek and modern. 

ultra nova bidet seat side view

Some bidet models with a clunky, taller back tend to look more like medical devices instead of the luxurious bathroom features they are—so we’re adding this as a plus just for the aesthetics alone. 

But the super-slim design makes it the most comfortable bidet seat on the market too. 

With a thinner seat, the Ultra-Nova feels more like a regular toilet seat than those with a more pronounced slope. This depends on your personal preference, but we prefer the feel of a flatter seat versus sitting forward on a bulky seat, and find most people agree.  

For comparison, other bidet seats can be as high as 6 inches in the back (and even the slim TOTO S7A checks in at 4.06 inches). 

toto s7a dimensions

The Ultra-Nova has definitely set a new bar for ultra slim bidets. 

Auto Flush (Ultra-NOVA+)

Are you looking for a bidet seat with auto-flush capability? The Ultra-NOVA+ model may be just what you’re looking for. 

The Ultra-Nova+ is the exact same luxury bidet seat as the Ultranova—with the addition of a patented auto flush device that takes the hassle out of manual flushing. 

Smart sensors detect when you've completed your business, triggering an automatic flush. No need to touch any flush lever. 

ultra nova+ bidet

This becomes especially important if you have arthritis or a disability that makes manual flushing difficult. 

For a list of the best bidets for the handicapped and disabled, click here

While traditional flushing isn’t the biggest burden—most of us do it several times a day without complaint—not flushing is an amazing perk that you never knew you were missing.  

The auto-flush feature found on the Ultra-NOVA+ is only compatible with top flush or dual flush toilets like the TOTO Aquia IV

toto aquia iv top flush toilet

If you have an existing compatible toilet, or are looking to replace your whole setup, we definitely think it’s worth upgrading to the Ultra-Nova+ and going hands-free. 

Enema Wash

Sometimes you might need a little “encouragement” to get things moving. The Ultra-Nova bidet seat has a feature just for this scenario. 

Ultra-Nova’s Enema Wash is a therapeutic setting that shoots a strong, effective stream of water into your rear to stimulate bowel movements. 

The targeted stream helps loosen things up and clear things out in a more hygienic way than traditional enemas (with less to clean up too). Since you’re only using water to help, there’s no need to insert any foreign objects into your rectum. 

Using this feature may take a little practice but we hear that once you get the hang of it, it’s better and easier than traditional enemas. 

Silver Nano Sterilization

The Ultra-Nova uses a special silver nano coating that sterilizes the wash water and bidet nozzle before each use. This helps ensure that the wash water that touches your body is as clean as possible. 

ultra nova with silver nano coating

The silver nano sterilization will cut down on manual cleaning and the use of harsh chemicals. Plus, you’ll know that the bidet nozzle will be clean the next time you go, even if you’ve had guests over. 

The result is a cleaner and more sustainable bathroom routine that also has a positive impact on the environment.

Sittable Lid (up to 400 lbs) 

Most bidet lids on the market today are not able to withstand the full weight of a body sitting on top of it. However, the Ultra-NOVA was designed to let you sit on it whenever you need to. 

ultra nova side view lifestyle image

We find this pretty impressive considering how advanced and thin this seat is. 

A sittable lid adds a layer of functionality to your bathroom. Need a place to trim your toenails? A comfortable place to sit while your kid takes a bath? The Ultra-NOVA creates an easy, convenient seating option in your bathroom.  

Just a heads up, this feature is only available when the auto-opening function is disabled. 

Other Ultra-NOVA Bidet Seat Features

In addition to these feature highlights, the Ultra-NOVA also has some of the most sought after electric bidet features including:

  • Warm air dryer
  • Instant, unlimited warm water
  • Intuitive remote control
  • Heated seat
  • Night light
  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure


If you search for best bidet 2024, Reddit users are already claiming the Ultra-Nova as the one to invest in for serious bidet users. The Ultra-Nova bidet seat stands at the forefront of bidet innovation. 

With its impressive array of features listed here— plus all the extra comforts like instant hot water, heated seat, and more—the Ultra-Nova offers everything you could want in a bidet seat. 

The Ultra-Nova bidet seat not only ups the game for personal hygiene but also aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions. 

As the rise of bidet culture continues to spread, we think the Ultra-Nova bidet seat will stand out in the realm of bathroom fixtures for its modern look and cutting-edge technology. 

ultra nova bidet side panel control

This high end luxury bidet seat’s approach to personal hygiene is unmatched at this point and we can’t wait to see how this may push the boundaries for the next generation of bidet seats. 

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions and thanks for reading!

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Tom - May 14, 2024

A key point you didn’t clarify. When you want the seat up/open, this must be done manually by hand. No Open Seat button on remote. Closing of seat is automated. Check your function chart also, as not clear.
This clearly was a design/cost decision, where they didn’t value a person who likes to stand when peeing and not have to touch the seat.

Rhonda Phillips - April 8, 2024

Is there a dryer on this bidet ?

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