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Eco Nova bidet review

Eco-NOVA Bidet Review 2024

The Eco-Nova bidet has made quite a splash since first coming on the market in 2020.

An update from the discontinued Nova-1000, this elongated bidet seat has many valuable features and a high quality design that separates it from other bides in its price range.

The adjustable temperature and pressure washes are everything you’d expect from a high quality bidet seat, but we’re going to start by highlighting some of its unique features.

So without further ado, let's get into our official Eco-NOVA bidet review.

High Quality Design

What makes the Eco-Nova stand out from other bidets in its class? A sleek, sturdy design, coupled with advanced technology. The heated seat is very low in the back and and feels very comfortable to sit on.

While some bidet seats can be bulky eye-sores, the Eco-Nova is ultra sleek and stylish. 

eco nova bidet sleek side view


The Eco-NOVA is one of the sleekest bidet seats on the market. For the current sleekest bidet seat on the market click here.

It’s also composed of anion-type nano antibacterial polypropylene, which basically just means it’s a higher quality plastic that’s less prone to bacteria buildup. 

Sittable Lid

A sittable lid can be important if you’re used to using that space in your bathroom for other tasks like helping someone take a bath.

Despite boasting thin composition, the Eco-Nova has a sittable lid with a weight limit of 400 pounds, among the highest weight ratings of any seat on the market.

So not only are you getting a thin seat and lid that blends in seamlessly with your bathroom’s decor, it’s also sturdy and antimicrobial. 

Also, keep in mind this product is only available in elongated, so there is no Eco-Nova bidet in round seat size. 

Versatile Fit

The Eco-Nova also fits both one and two-piece toilets, as well as toilets that feature a "French Curve," so it's design is also versatile.

French curve is a design found on some more modern toilets, where the tank connects to the bowl in a concave, curved appearance. Some customers prefer this classy design, but it can be problematic when attaching a bidet. 

A toilet with a French curve is pictured below:

Toilet with french curve


The Cascade 3000 is another bidet toilet seat seat that fits one and two-piece toilets and even those featuring a French Curve. 

cascade 3000 bidet seat

UV and Silver Nano Sterilization

Now let’s move on to cleaning technology. Some electric bidets that offer a sterilizing feature usually only have one kind, but the Eco-Nova utilizes two distinct types.

First, a silver nano filtration is applied to all the water that passes through the unit, so any water that touches your body or rinses the nozzle has been sterilized with trace amounts of silver.

The second sterilization occurs after the wash is completed and comes in the form of Ultraviolet (UV) light, which is used on the wand and nozzles. UV light is a powerful, but safe way to sterilize.

Eco Nova BIdet Toilet Seat

The rays from UV light contain high amounts of energy that destroy all microorganisms it comes into contact with. The DNA and RNA of viruses, bacteria, molds, fungus or yeast are actually scrambled. The cell wall of the organism is penetrated, destroying the cell's ability to reproduce. 

All of that science sounds pretty intense, but UV sterilization is highly regulated and studied by the FDA and is deemed safe for consumers. 

A clean and sterile bidet seat is important and we are impressed with the lengths to which the Eco-Nova goes above and beyond in this department. 

Eco Nova Bidet Toilet Seat

Adjustable Warm Air Dryer

The Eco-Nova also offers one of the best warm air dryers on the market.

While some air dryers on bidet seats offer varying degrees of effectiveness, the air dryer on this bidet seat actually works! It comes with four settings, off, low, medium and high, so you can choose to not use it as well.

Radio Frequency Remote Technology

Also worth noting is the stainless remote control, which uses radio frequency instead of infrared to send signals to the bidet’s software.

Sometimes in smaller bathrooms with dark walls, the signals from a bidet’s remote will absorb into the wall and not bounce back to the seat.

With the Eco-Nova’s radio frequency technology you can rest assured that the signal from the remote will always make it back to the seat, no matter the size of your bathroom or the color of the walls.

Eco Nova Bidet Toilet Seat Remote Control

You can also operate the remote from outside of the bathroom if you were helping a loved one and also wanted to give them privacy.  

Unlimited Instant Warm Water

The Eco-Nova also offers unlimited warm water from its tankless, instant water-heating system. Most bidet seats that use a tank water heater only provide around thirty seconds of warm water before it eventually runs cold.

Tankless water heaters will often have a burst of cold water at the beginning, followed by unlimited warm water. The Eco-Nova’s instant, tankless heating provides warm water from the start that never runs out, a valuable upgrade for sure.

The variable water pressure, while not being the absolute strongest on the market, is more than sufficient and definitely gets the job done. 

To see our collection of electric bidets that offer unlimited warm water washes, click here

Easy to Use

The Eco-NOVA, our top bidet seat of 2023, is very user friendly.

We didn't really need to use the Eco Nova Bidet manual, but just in case you wanted to give it a look, we've included it here.

What the Eco-Nova Lacks

While the Eco-Nova is superior in many ways over most seats in its price range, it does lack a few features that you might be looking for.

For starters it does not come with an auto deodorizer. Also missing is an enema wash for constipation. Finally, this seat does not offer an auto open/close lid for a complete hands-off experience (although it does have a slow closing lid and seat).

If you're looking for a bidet seat that has all of those features, you might want to consider the Ultra-NOVA bidet seat


ultra nova bidet top front view


For a list of other bidets that offer these features, check out these helpful links:

Eco-Nova Bidet Reviews

Don't just take our word for it. Check out what our customers are saying about the Eco-Nova:

eco nova bidet reviews
"Great experience!  

I updated my cheap bidet for this Eco-Nova and couldn't be happier. The adjustable water temperature and warm air dryer make the experience so much more comfortable. Buying from Premier Bidets was seamless and I would highly recommend!"  - Giuliana Marchesi

eco nova bidet reviews
Truly luxury bidet 

Easy installation, only a couple drips of water! Diagrams are tiny, but directions are very clear. Settings are a work in progress as they get more familiar - Marilyn Morris

eco nova bidet reviews
Bidet at its best

Love the bidet toilet many features such as a nightlight, adjustable temperatures and positions , heated seat, dryer and auto clean head - Ron Cioffi

eco nova bidet review

Much better than my old Toto

Great bidet. I had a basic Toto before and this is a definite upgrade. It has metal water connections vs plastic for my Toto and I much stronger spray. Very happy with my purchase - Richard Garcia-Mendoza


All in all, the Eco-Nova is a very high quality product that exceeds all expectations in its price range. Although it might not have every single feature you might be looking for, what it does have is more than enough to keep even the most discerning bidet shopper happy.

We'll recap the pros and cons of the Eco-Nova Bidet Toilet Seat here:


  • Instant, unlimited warm water
  • Ultra sleek yet sturdy design 
  • Two kinds of self sterilization
  • Radio frequency remote


  • No deodorizer
  • No Enema wash 
  • No auto open/close lid

While NOVA isn't a name with the same brand recognition as TOTO or Brondell, you’d be missing out if you didn’t give this slightly under the radar bidet seat a try.

After all, it does come with a 30 Day Risk Free Trial.

While it doesn't have every feature you could possibly want in a bidet seat, for its price range, it has more than most.

Did we mention the seat was very sleek? 

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