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TOTO Neorest LS Review 2024

TOTO Neorest LS Review 2024

TOTO announced back in June 2023 that they would be discontinuing several popular Neorest toilets and replacing them with upgraded models. 

The TOTO Neorest LS is one of these new smart bidets which replaces the TOTO Neorest 700H. We’ll continue selling this discontinued Neorest while supplies last. To see if the TOTO 700H is right for you, you check out our Neorest 700H review here.

However, if you’re looking for a TOTO Neorest LS review, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll explain what to expect with the new TOTO LS and why we think there are some nice changes from the Neorest 700H worth considering. 

toto neorest ls

So without further ado, here is our TOTO Neorest review of the LS bidet toilet. 

TOTO Neorest LS Review

The Neorest suite of products are arguably the most advanced toilets on the planet. Read any other TOTO Neorest toilet reviews and you’ll see that these luxury smart bidets have a cult following (for a good reason). 

toto neorest lineup lifestyle image outdoors by water

The Neorest 700H is the lineup’s mid-priced model and the Neorest LS will be in the same tier. After closely reviewing all the TOTO Neorest LS specifications, we believe this new Neorest has some feature and design upgrades that uphold TOTO’s innovative reputation. 

 The four main upgrades are: 

  1. Seamless seat
  2. Four user presets
  3. New, more elegant design
  4. Extra EWATER+ rinse under seat

Let's get into each one of these and see what they mean for you. 

Seamless Seat 

TOTO has eliminated a gap between the underside of the seat and the toilet. This new seamless design means that dirt and bathroom debris have less of a chance of gathering in that hard-to-clean space. 

toto neorest ls with lid open

While not a huge game changer, it’s a thoughtful design upgrade that speaks to how TOTO listens to their customers and really thinks about form and function. 

Four User Presets

TOTO has upped their game as far as user presets goes. Now there are four personal presets you and your household can program into the device. That’s two more than the Neorest 700H (pictured below).   

toto neorest 700h

You like your adjustable air dryer really warm but your husband doesn’t? Just choose your preset button on the remote before getting started and the TOTO LS will heat to your personal preference. The Neorest LS remote is intuitive and easy to use, much like the remote for the TOTO 700H.

The Neorest LS remote control is pictured below:

toto neorest ls remote control

Whether you have multiple family members living in the house that all use the bidet seat, or you’d like to have different settings for different times of the year (or different times of the day), you’ll have twice as much flexibility to program and save the settings you prefer. 

Updated Design

The TOTO Neorest LS is notably more elegant looking than 700H and we love the simple, new modern design.

toto neorest ls side view

Trim Color Options

Now you'll have a choice of trim color, where the Neorest 700H has no trim color options. In our opinion, the new look marks the biggest difference between the two. 

toto neorest ls black trim

The TOTO LS offers new metallic trim in three finishes: 

  • Silver
  • Nickel
  • Black

toto neorest ls nickel trim

That means the Neorest LS will be able to match the existing finishes in your bathroom. The Silver trim comes standard; Nickel and Black finishes are available for a slight price increase. You can view the current TOTO LS color price options here.

We’re big fans of these new trim color options. A Neorest is an investment and will be the focal point of your bathroom. It makes sense that you can now choose a finish that will coordinate with the rest of your fixtures. 

Extra EWATER+ Rinse 

Both the TOTO Neorest 700H and Neorest LS use EWATER+ technology to auto-clean the wand and bowl after each use. We love this self-cleaning feature from TOTO.

toto ewater feature

What’s new here is that the Neorest LS also gets a rinse underneath the seat, a nice upgrade that makes things even more sanitary. 

Other than the extra seat rinse, these two models share all the same cleaning and convenience features, some of which include:

  • PREMIST: Reduces waste adherence for a cleaner bowl
  • CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze: Minimizes waste sticking to porous ceramic surfaces
  • TORNADO FLUSH: Provides efficient and comprehensive cleaning with each flush
  • Automatic air deodorizer: Keeps the bathroom fresh and free from odors

Here’s a snapshot of the feature differences between the TOTO Neorest LS and 700H:

differences between toto neorest ls and neorest 700h comparison chart

If you want to learn about all the differences between the TOTO LS and Neorest 700H, you can read our guide to that here.

TOTO Neorest LS Features

While we’re talking about features, let’s get into exactly what the LS has to offer:   

Enhanced TOTO LS Bidet Features 

  • Customizable Settings: Tailor your experience with adjustable spray position, water temperature, and pressure controls.
  • Continuous Warm Water: Get the comfort of instant and endless warm water whenever you need.
  • Diverse Spray Modes: Choose between oscillating and pulsating modes for different aerated spray sensations.
  • Automated Lid: Experience hygiene at its best with a hands-free opening and closing lid.
  • Temperature-Controlled Heated Seat: Warmth on demand, especially for cold mornings.
  • Warm Air Dry Feature: Five adjustable settings for a complete dry finish.
  • Odor-Free Bathroom: Automatic air deodorizer ensures freshness.
  • Eco-Friendly Operations: Harness energy-saving systems with both automatic and programmable green settings.
  • Intuitive Remote Control: Ergonomic stick-style remote brings all features right to your hand.
  • User-Friendly Profiles: Personalize and save settings for up to four users.
  • Safety Night Light: Light up the night, minimizing the chances of mishaps.

Neorest LS Advanced Toilet Features

  • Accessible Design: Meets Universal Height and ADA compliance for all users.
  • Water Efficiency: Benefit from dual flush functionality of 1.0 GPF / 0.8 GPF to save water and cut down bills.
  • TORNADO FLUSH Technology: Achieve unmatched cleaning with every flush.
  • Convenient Flushing: Auto flush with an additional manual flush option.
  • PREMIST Technology: Ensures a cleaner bowl by repelling waste.
  • CEFIONTECT Finish: A ceramic glaze that significantly reduces waste build-up on surfaces.
  • EWATER+ Sanitization: Automatic cleaning of the wand, bowl, and under-seat after each usage.
  • Smooth Seat Design: Seamless design that rules out debris collection spots.

How to Install TOTO Neorest Toilet

toto neorest ls dimensions

While the Neorest LS does come with installation instructions, we figured we would provide the TOTO Neorest LS installation guide here and Neorest LS user manual for you here.

Installing a TOTO Neorest toilet isn't all that much different from putting in a traditional toilet. The main considerations are electricity and splitting off your water source to the Washlet component. 

New TOTO Neorest Price

The price for the new Neorest LS is comparable to the TOTO 700H. Click here for the most current TOTO Neorest LS price. 

TOTO Neorests: Other Models 

As we mentioned, TOTO is rolling out updated versions of Neorest smart toilets this year. You can read more about our first impressions and comparisons of the various models here

We have all the new Neorest models in stock and ready to ship, including the ultimate in bidet luxury, the newly upgraded TOTO Neorest NX1.

newly upgraded toto neorest nx1 side view

Want to know what’s different about the new TOTO NX1? Check out our Neorest NX1 review of the new model and product page here

Some of the changes to the lineup include replacing the TOTO Neorest AH and TOTO Neorest RH with TOTO Neorest AS and TOTO Neorest RS, respectively.

The Neorest AS is pictured below:

toto neorest as

If you’re interested in the most entry-level Neorests, please see our TOTO Neorest RH review vs RS review here

We hope this TOTO Neorest LS review has answered any questions you might have. If you want to learn more or find out if this is the right TOTO Neorest for you, feel free to give us a call!

(707) 297-3991  

Let us know in the comments what you think about the new TOTO Neorest LS and if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them there as well. 

Stay happy and clean bidet people!

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WL Wheeler - March 13, 2024

I am very pleased with the Neorest LS model that John recommended and sold to me – the unit was delivered on the same day that I placed the order – replaced a Bio Bidet that I had for 5 years and there is absolutley no comparison between the 2 – the LS really gets the job done.

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