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toto washlet g5a vs g450 comparison article

TOTO Washlet G5A vs G450: Everything You Need To Know

Earlier in 2024, TOTO announced the introduction of several new bidet products, which will replace some of their existing models.

Among those being discontinued is the TOTO Washlet G450 Integrated Smart Toilet.

The upgraded version is now the brand new TOTO Washlet G5A Dual Flush Bidet Toilet.

TOTO Washlet G5A Smart Bidet Toilet 1.2 and 1.0 GPF

So how do these two bidet toilet combos from TOTO compare?

We’ll cover all of that and tell you exactly what’s different about the new TOTO Washlet G5A vs G450.    

TOTO G5A vs G450 - Differences

There are a few key differences between the TOTO G450 vs G5A. They mostly come down to:

  1. Features
  2. Flush
  3. Design
  4. Warranty

We’ll go into each of these in more detail so you’ll have a better about the differences between the Washlet G5A vs G450. 


This is the area of most difference so we’ll start here. 

For all the visual learners, we’ve come up with this handy comparison chart: 

toto g5a vs g450 comparison chart

To some up the above, here are the main feature differences between the Washlet G450 vs G5A:

  • Nightlight
  • 4 user presets 
  • EWATER+ 
  • Warm air dryer
  • Pulsating wash

These are all the feature upgrades from the TOTO G450. Now we’ll talk about each one in more detail. 

Night Light

For some reason, the Washlet G450 does not come with what has become a very standard feature, the night light.

TOTO made sure not to make this mistake again with the upgraded Washlet G5A.

TOTO Washlet G5A lid up

Now your nocturnal trips to the bathroom will be safely lit without having to turn on a light switch and disturb your eyeballs or anyone else's.

Four User Presets

One feature upgrade found on all the new models that came out in August of 2023 was the capability of storing up to four user’s personal memory settings in the remote control.

TOTO Washlet G5A Smart Bidet Toilet side view

This is an upgrade over the TOTO G450 which has only two user memory settings. 


Another feature that the Washlet G450 surprisingly doesn’t have is EWATER+, which is found standard on most TOTO Washlets these days.

EWATER+ is electrolyzed water that, because of its lower PH, acts as a safe, natural cleaning agent. 

toto ewater plus feature explained

EWATER+ is sprayed on the bidet wand before and after each use to ensure that the water touching your body is always as clean as can be. 

Warm Air Dryer

Come to think of it, most of these features differences between the TOTO G450 vs G5A Washlet are surprising!

The new TOTO Washlet G5A has an adjustable warm air dryer and the TOTO G450 does not. 

This is another common feature found on most TOTO Washlets and TOTO Neorest toilets.

Pulsating Wash

While the TOTO Washlet G450 does have oscillating wash, it does not have the soothing pulsating wash function that the TOTO G5A has.

The oscillating comfort wash found on both integrated bidet toilets with switch between hot and cold, creating a sitz bath like experience.

This feature is particularly good for those suffering from hemorrhoids

TOTO Washlet G5A Smart Bidet Toilet side view lifestyle image

With the pulsating wash, you’ll experience more of a rhythmic, massage mode which can also soothe delicate areas.


While not a major difference between the TOTO G5A vs G450, the amount of water per flush is greater on the upgraded Washlet G5A.

  • TOTO G450: 1.0 and 0.8 GPF
  • TOTO G5A: 1.2 and 1.0 GPF 

While some people will be happy to know that there’s more water behind the flush of the TOTO G5A, others might wonder why TOTO has abandoned the 1 GPF or less found on the TOTO G450.

While the flush size might differ, both of these TOTO bidet toilets have the powerful TORNADO flush.


The look and overall esthetic is slightly improved with the Washlet G5A (in our humble opinion).

Not a major overhaul in design, the top portion of TOTO G5A is smooth and more rounded and modern looking over the G450 Washlet pictured below.  

TOTO Washlet G450 Dual Flush Integrated Bidet Toilet

Want to know why TOTO doesn’t consider the Washlet G450 a Neorest? You can read more about that here.

Remote Control

The remote control on the new TOTO G5A is now horizontal, whereas the remote control on the TOTO G450 is vertical.

This is similar to the change in the remote control on TOTO Washlet S7A.

Seamless Seat

One tangible design upgrade is the inclusion of a seamless seat. 

As on other new TOTO bidet products, the gap under the seat that could store dirt and grime has been eliminated. The G5A Washlet has this new seamless seat design.

It does not however have the underseat PREMIST function found on the TOTO Neorest AS and Neorest LS

For an article comparing those two models, you can click here.

TOTO Washlet G450 vs G5A Specs

One last design difference we found was that the raised seat height on the TOTO Washlet G5A was 2” higher than on the TOTO Washlet G450. 

You can compare the TOTO Washlet G450 vs G5A dimensions below.

Here are the TOTO G5A dimensions:

toto g5a dimensions


And for the TOTO G450 dimensions, you can view those here:

toto g450 dimensions

Click here for the TOTO Washlet G5A specs. To view the TOTO Washlet G450 specs, click here

If you’re curious about the TOTO G450 installation and would like to look at the TOTO G450 manual, click here.

We’ll be sure to provide the TOTO Washlet G5A manual as soon as it becomes available. 

TOTO Washlet G5A Warranty

One other major difference we found when comparing the TOTO G450 vs G5A is warranty. 

TOTO has decided to provide a three year limited warranty on the Washlet G5A, whereas the TOTO G450 only has a one year limited warranty. 

This is the same warranty found on all TOTO Neorest toilets as well.  

TOTO G450 vs G5A Similarities

As you can see from the comparison chart from earlier, the TOTO G450 and G5A share a lot of the same cleaning and convenience features. 

Some of the more notable ones include:

  • Auto-Flush
  • Auto open/close lid
  • Instant, unlimited warm water
  • TORNADO flush
  • CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze
  • Remote control 
  • ADA compliant
  • Heated seat

In addition to sharing these features, both the TOTO G5A and TOTO G450 share the same seat area and seat height.

This differs from TOTO Neorest toilets where the more upgraded, expensive models have more seat area, like in the case of the Neorest LS and Neorest NX1

toto ls side view

For an article comparing those two models, click here

Speaking of price, both models are basically right around the same cost. 

For the most up to date TOTO G5A price, click here. If you’d like to see how the TOTO G450 price compares, click here.

TOTO Washlet G5A vs G450 in Review

As you can see, TOTO has taken most of what the Washlet G450 toilet was lacking and finally put it all together in the new Washlet G5A. 

TOTO Washlet G5A corner view

While not officially considered a Neorest, the TOTO G5A Washlet is inching ever closer.

The only real point of difference that’s still lacking from that article on the subject is a 3 year warranty.

Both the TOTO G450 and TOTO G5A share a one year limited warranty. If you’d like an extended three or four year warranty, we have options for that here.

Give us a call or send us an email if you still have any questions about the new TOTO Washlet G5A and we’d be happy to help. 

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