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toto neorest wx1 vs wx2 blog article

TOTO Neorest WX1 vs WX2 - What's the Difference?

TOTO, the industry leader in luxury bidet toilets and seats, announced earlier this year that two of their Neorest wall-hung bidet toilets were being discontinued.

TOTO will no longer be manufacturing the Neorest EW and Neorest AC. In their place are the brand new Neorest WX1 (CWT9538CEMFG#01) and Neorest WX2 (CWT9548CEMFX#01).

So what’s the difference between these new Neorest models?

We’ll answer that and more with our guide to the Neorest WX1 vs WX2.

TOTO Neorest WX2 Wall Hung Bidet Toilet lifestyle image

TOTO WX1 vs WX2 - Differences 

The TOTO Neorest WX line includes two brand new TOTO Neorest wall-hung toilets. 

The two main differences between the TOTO WX1 and TOTO WX2 are:

  1. Actilight feature
  2. Price

We’ll go into each in more detail so you have a clear idea of what to expect when comparing these two new Neorest wall-hung models.  


The main difference between the Neorest WX2 vs WX1 is the ACTILIGHT® feature. The TOTO WX2 has it and the TOTO WX1 doesn’t.

So what’s ACTILIGHT®? 

toto neorest wx2 actilight

ACTILIGHT® technology makes it easy to keep your toilet clean and hygienic with little effort.

This advanced system uses light, oxygen, and water to maintain cleanliness without chemicals, making it eco-friendly. 

The toilet bowl is coated with a special, durable, water-attracting material called zirconium. This special coating makes it hard for waste to stick to the bowl. 

When waste does come in contact with the bowl, water can easily wash it away, keeping the bowl clean.

toto neorest with actilight

The cleaning process starts when light interacts with the zirconium coating and water, causing a reaction that breaks down waste and bacteria. This keeps the toilet clean and reduces the need for manual cleaning.

Key benefits of ACTILIGHT® technology:

  • Less Cleaning: Reduces the need for frequent manual toilet cleaning, saving time and effort.
  • No Chemicals: Cleans without harsh chemicals, making it safer for your home and the environment.
  • Better Hygiene: Breaks down waste and bacteria, keeping the toilet bowl sanitary.

So now that we know what ACTILIGHT® is and how it works, we can get to the other main difference between the Neorest WX2 vs WX1. 


Price is the other key area of difference between these two new TOTO Neorest wall-hung toilets.

The ACTILIGHT® feature is nothing short of amazing, but it does come with a significant price tag. 

TOTO Integrated Bidet Toilet TOTO Neorest WX1 Wall Hung Bidet Toilet

For the most up to date TOTO Neorest WX1 price, click here.

We’re actually not allowed to list the TOTO Neorest WX2 price online, so if you’d like that information, you can click here and we’ll send all the details to your email.

TOTO Neorest WX Review

Besides ACTILIGHT® and price, the TOTO WX1 and TOTO WX2 are exactly the same.

If you’re familiar with the TOTO Neorest NX1 and NX2, this is the same difference between those bidet toilet models as well. 

We actually like to think of the Neorest WX1 and WX2 as wall-hung versions of the TOTO NX1 and NX2. They both share similar designs, features and price tags. 

TOTO Neorest WX2 Wall Hung Bidet Toilet lifestyle image

If you’d like to learn more about the newly upgraded TOTO Neorest NX1, you can find that here.

For the TOTO Neorest WX1 manual, click here.

If you have any questions about TOTO Neorest WX1 installation, you can give us a call or read more in the "resources" section where you'll find all the installation guides here.

Here's the Neorest WX1 specs sheet and a photo of the TOTO WX1 dimensions: 

toto neorest wx1 and wx2 dimensions

We hope this article clears up all the differences between the Neorest WX1 vs WX2.

You can always email us at if there’s anything else you’d like to know about these brand new wall-hung Neorest models from TOTO.

Have a great bidet! 

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