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toto neorest wx1 vs toto neorest ew comparison article cover image

TOTO Neorest WX1 vs EW: The Differences Explained

TOTO USA announced earlier this year that they’re replacing some of their wall-hung Neorest toilets

The Neorest EW and its upgraded version, the Neorest AC, are both being  discontinued and replaced with the brand new TOTO Neorest WX1 and Neorest WX2, respectively. 

TOTO Neorest WX1 Wall Hung Bidet Toilet

So what’s different about these new TOTO Neorest wall-hung bidet toilets?

Read on to learn everything you need to know regarding the TOTO Neorest WX1 vs EW. 

TOTO WX1 vs EW - Differences

We’ll start out by explaining what’s different about the Neorest WX1 vs Neorest EW. 

There are some key differences:

  • Features
  • Design
  • Price

Let’s go into each of these in more detail and shine a light on these new TOTO wall-hung bidet toilets. 

TOTO Neorest Washlet Features

There are some convenience feature differences between the new Neorest WX1 vs EW. 

Check out out the comparison chart below:

toto neorest wx1 vs ew comparison chart

As you can see, the Neorest EW (CWT994CEMFG#01) lacks some of the features that the TOTO WX1 (CWT9538CEMFG#01) one has: 

  1. Warm air dryer
  2. Night-light
  3. 4 user presets

It’s surprising that the Neorest EW doesn’t come with a night-light or adjustable warm air dryer as these are pretty standard features on most TOTO Washlets

A good warm air dryer can help reduce or eliminate toilet paper use and it’s a feature that you’re likely to appreciate. 

A night-light is another one of those amenities that once you have it, you’ll never want to live without.

toto neorest wx1 remote control

The four user presets capability is helpful (it’s always nice to have more than you need), although we don’t know a lot of people that are actually programming and using all four. 

Improved Neorest WX1 Design

Right off the bat, there is an obvious aesthetic difference between the TOTO Neorest EW and the TOTO WX1. 

TOTO Neorest EW Wall-Hung Dual-Flush 1.28GPF & 0.9 GPF

The Neorest WX1 has a completely different look and isn’t simply a TOTO Neorest EW 2.0 upgrade.  

The Neorest WX1 is less boxy and has a rounded, sleek and modern appearance. 

TOTO Neorest WX1 Wall Hung Bidet Toilet

Personally, we prefer the look of the TOTO WX1 over the Neorest EW. This wall hung bidet appears to be an upgrade just from first glance. 

There are some design upgrades between the Neorest EW vs WX1 that aren’t just in appearance though. 

Seat Upgrades

The Neorest WX1 seat area is 1” wider than the TOTO EW. 

Here's the TOTO WX1 seat dimensions:

toto neorest wx1 dimensions

And here are the seat dimensions for the Neorest EW:

neorest ew dimensions

The extra inch provides a more comfortable sitting experience without taking up a lot of space. 

Also, like on the other new Washlets and Neorests TOTO released in the past year, the toilet seat is now also seamless. 

TOTO eliminated a gap underneath the seat that could trap dirt and grime and added an extra EWATER rinse underneath the updated seat as well. 

Tornado Flush

There are some optimizations when it comes to the flush on the TOTO WX1 vs EW:

  • Neorest EW: 1.28 GPF and 0.9 GPF.
  • Neorest WX1: 1.2 GPF and 0.8 GPF.

As you can see, TOTO was able to optimize the flush capability by using less water per flush on the Neorest WX1

TOTO describes the flush on the Neorest WX1 as “Ultra high efficiency Tornado Flush” whereas on the Neorest EW, the flush is described as “High efficiency Tornado Flush.”

TOTO Neorest WX1 Wall Hung Bidet Toilet

TOTO’s “3D Tornado flush” refers to an extra 3rd hole in the toilet bowl that results in a more powerful flush. 

We spoke with TOTO about this difference in flush and while The TOTO WX1 doesn't have “3D" Tornado Flush, they assured us that it's flush was just as (if not more) powerful than the flush on the Neorest EW.

These design and feature differences between the Neorest EW vs WX1 eventually bring us to the difference in TOTO Neorest toilet price.  

TOTO Neorest Toilet Price

There is an almost $2000 difference between the TOTO EW vs WX1. 

For the latest TOTO Neorest EW price, click here. For the most up to date TOTO Neorest WX1 price, you can click here

Did we mention that there are even more expensive versions of each of these TOTO toilets? 

The Neorest AC is the more advanced version of the Neorest EW, just as the Neorest WX2 is the more advanced and thus expensive version of the Neorest WX1. 

TOTO NEOREST® AC Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet With ACTILIGHT™

For a complete breakdown about the differences between the Neorest WX1 and TOTO WX2, you can find that here.

If you want the quick cliff notes version, the Neorest AC and WX2 both have the TOTO ACTILIGHT® feature, whereas the Neorest WX1 and EW do not.

The ACTILIGHT® feature is quite impressive but also equally expensive, resulting in the large price difference between the two.  

TOTO WX1 vs EW - Similarities

Here’s a list of all the main features that both TOTO Neorest wall-hung toilets share:

  • 3 Year TOTO Neorest warranty
  • Auto open/close lid
  • Auto flush
  • Instant warm water
  • Adjustable height from 15” to 19” from the floor.
  • 880 lb weight limit
  • 2” X 4” and 2” X 6” wall stud install options
  • EWATER+ technology 
  • CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze
  • PREMIST function
  • Deodorizer
  • Heated seat

Although there are some key upgrades with the new Neorest WX1, the TOTO EW shares most of the same essential bidet cleaning features and installation requirements.

To check out the TOTO Neorest EW manual, click here. For the Neorest EW specs and to check TOTO Neorest electrical requirements, click here.

You can find the Neorest WX1 user manual here. To take a look at the TOTO Neorest dimensions for the WX1, here’s the product spec sheet

Those documents should be a great help, but you can always give us a call if you need more TOTO Neorest instructions or more info on how to use a TOTO Neorest.

TOTO Neorest WX1 vs EW - Wrap Up

As you can see, there are some notable upgrades between the Neorest EW and WX1.

TOTO Neorest WX1 Wall Hung Bidet Toilet

As a recap, the main areas of difference between these two models are:

  1. Bidet features
  2. Seat area and overall aesthetic
  3. Price

TOTO also upgraded previous Neorest models like the Neorest AH, Neorest RH and Neorest 700H fairly recently.  

The new models replacing those are the TOTO Neorest AS, TOTO Neorest RS and TOTO Neorest LS, respectively.

neorest as corner view

To read more about the differences between those models and the ones they’re replacing, you can find multiple articles covering that in our resources section here

The TOTO Neorest NX line is still intact, although there is a new SKU for the NX1 as there were some upgrades there as well.

To read more about what’s different about the new TOTO Neorest NX1, click here

TOTO Neorest NX2 Dual Flush Bidet Toilet - 1.0 & 0.8 GPF

We hope you’ve found this article helpful in learning about the differences between the TOTO Neorest WX1 vs EW.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about the new TOTO WX1 that weren’t answered here and we’ll get them answered right away. 

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