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toto s7a vs ultra nova bidet seat comparison

TOTO Washlet S7A vs Ultra-NOVA Bidet Seat: Which One is Better?

Fans of the NOVA line of bidet products will be excited to hear there’s a brand new bidet seat from them on the market.

Enter the Ultra-NOVA, an upgraded version of the cult favorite Eco-NOVA bidet seat. 

ultra nova bidet seat

The Ultra-NOVA bidet seat is now a contender for the title of “best bidet seat money can buy,” previously held by the wildly popular TOTO Washlet S550e (now TOTO S7A Washlet).

toto s7a

So what’s the difference between these two high end bidet seats?

We’ll answer that question and so much more in our guide to the TOTO Washlet S7A vs Ultra-NOVA bidet seat.

Ultra-NOVA vs TOTO S7A: Main Differences

ultra nova vs toto s7a features comparison guide

In the world of boutique bidet seats, there are few that enter the price range that these two bidet seats reside.

In order to make sure you get the most value for your hard earned dollar, we'll explore what separates these two high-end bidet seats from each other.

The four main areas of difference we’ve identified between the TOTO Washlet S7A vs the Ultra-NOVA bidet seat are:

  1. Features
  2. Design
  3. Warranty
  4. Risk Free Trial

Let’s get into each one in more detail so we know what we’re actually talking about. 


Both seats come loaded with every comfort and convenience feature fans of electric bidets have come to love over the years. 

While both of these top quality bidet seats boast numerous features, the Ultra-NOVA has some that the TOTO S7A doesn't and vice versa. 

The two main ones features involved are: 

  • Enema Wash
  • Automatic Deodorizer 

The Ultra-NOVA has enema wash and S7A Washlet does not.

The TOTO S7A, however, has an automatic deodorizer and the Ultra-NOVA doesn't.

Let's talk about each of these in a little more depth.

Enema Wash

Much like a traditional enema, the enema wash function is there to help those suffering from constipation. This feature utilizes a targeted, powerful stream of water that is designed to enter your lower intestine and encourage a stubborn bowel movement. 

ultra nova remote control

Unlike a traditional enema, nothing is inserted into your rectum. Only water is used to break up compacted stool and give sweet, sweet release. 

Sounds pretty cool huh? 

User beware, these do actually work, but you definitely want to make sure that you’re lined up properly. Otherwise this powerful stream coming into contact with say, a man’s testicles, could be quite painful. 

The stream is generally aimed where it should be, so no need to really stress about this. Just try to position yourself as best as you can. 

Automatic Deodorizer

The TOTO S7A comes with what is standard on most TOTO Washlets, an automatic deodorizer. This feature works using a fan to suck in odors as you sit down on the seat. 

The air is drawn in through an ionized carbon filter and unpleasant odors are eliminated at the source. 

This feature wasn't included on the Ultra-NOVA as it tends to add to the bulk of the seat and wouldn't allow it to be as sleek as it is. 

Design Differences Between TOTO S7A vs Ultra Nova

This is an area where these two top notch bidet seats really start to see some differentiation. The main design differences between the Ultra Nova and S7A Washle are: 

  • Seat height
  • Sittable lid
  • Seat area
  • Self cleaning 
  • Auto-flush compatibility
  • User presets

Let’s explore each of these in more detail. 

Sleekest Bidet Seat on the Market

When TOTO announced that the S7A Washlet was replacing the S550e Washlet and that it was now even slimmer, fans were amazed that so many features could be packed into such a slim seat. 

ultra nova bidet seat height comparison

Somehow, NOVA has found a way to make an even slimmer seat possible. 

The Ultra-NOVA bidet is now officially the sleekest seat on the market with a seat height of only 3.66” in the back.

ultra nova side view

The TOTO S7A in comparison, is 4.1” in the back. 



So what’s so important about the sleekness of a bidet seat?


It’s one of the main reasons for a significant increase in price between bidet seats and for good reason. 

When a bidet has a tank water heater, it results in being bulky in the rear, which is necessary in order to store the bidet's water tank. This can result in the user feeling like they’re being pushed slightly forward when they sit on the seat.

This is not comfortable.  

You can see the difference on this bidet seat with a tank water heater below:

toto washlet with high rear height

With an instant water heater like the one found on the TOTO S7A and Ultra-NOVA, the user won’t even notice the water heater at all and it will feel like they’re sitting on a normal toilet seat.

For more information about the different types of bidet water heaters, click here

Sittable Lid

This is another area where the Ultra-Nova has a serious advantage.

The Ultra-NOVA seat’s lid has a weight limit of 400 lbs where the TOTO Washlet S7A does not have a sittable lid at all and can actually crack if sat upon. 

ultra nova bidet on toilet

There are very few bidet seats with sittable lids and even fewer that also have auto open/close functionality. The Ultra-Nova’s lid has both. 

If you often find yourself sitting on your toilet lid to trim your toenails or while drying off your children after they’ve taken a bath, you might want to consider having this as an option. 

Seat Area

One thing that stood out to us when comparing the TOTO S7A to the Ultra-NOVA was the actual seat area. 

The Ultra-NOVA has more sittable space on the seat, which also improves the overall comfort of the experience. 

Below is a heat map image of how the two compare (the green area is the Ultra-NOVA):

ultra nova seat area vs toto s7a seat area

 Here's yet another comparison image of the seat area of the Ultra-NOVA vs TOTO S7A:

toto s7a vs ultra nova seat area

As you can see, the Ultra-NOVA offers more space on the side and in the back where your butt and legs really need support.

Self Cleaning Features

Both the S7A Washlet and Ultra Nova utilize self cleaning systems to ensure maximum hygiene at all times, but the way in which they do it is different. 

The TOTO S7A uses what is known as EWATER, or electrolyzed water, which cleans the bidet wand and toilet bowl before and after each use.

Electrolyzed water has a lower PH and is able to clean naturally without the use of harsh chemicals. 

TOTO also uses a PREMIST feature that pre-rinses the toilet bowl before each use.

toto premist with ewater

The Ultra-NOVA on the other hand, uses silver nano technology to sanitize the bidet nozzle before each use.

The water that flows through the bidet spray nozzle and interior parts comes into contact with a silver nano coating which prevents germs and bacteria from growing.

While the Ultra-NOVA does have its own form of self sterilization, the comprehensive EWATER cleaning found on the TOTO S7A is superior. 

The Ultra-NOVA also doesn’t have the PREMIST feature found on the S7A Washlet.  With the silver nano on the Ultra-NOVA, only the bidet spray nozzle is sanitized.  

Auto-Flush Compatibility

Both the Ultra-NOVA and TOTO Washlet S7A offer an auto-flush feature as an upgrade, but the way in which they both work is different. 

The TOTO S7A has an auto-flush kit that will only work on compatible TOTO toilets. There are different auto flush kits depending on if your toilet is single flush or dual flush

toto auto-flush kit

The Ultra-NOVA has its own patented auto-flush device that is available as an upgrade on the Ultra-NOVA+ variant.

The only difference between the Ultra-NOVA and the Ultra-NOVA+ is this auto-flush upgrade, otherwise the seats are identical. 

Unlike the S7A Washlet, which only allows for auto-flush capability on a compatible TOTO toilet, the auto-flush for the Ultra Nova can be used on both TOTO and non-TOTO toilets.

The only catch with this is that the Ultra-NOVA+ auto-flush will only work with top-flush/dual flush toilets like the TOTO Aquia IV

toto aquia iv top flush toilet

Both bidet seats utilize a seat sensor to determine when the user has stood up from the toilet to initiate the automatic flush. 

The TOTO S7A does seem to have some additional customization in this category.

The auto-flush for the S7A Washlet can be delayed until the lid is closed before the toilet will flush for example. The Ultra-NOVA doesn’t have this additional functionality. 

User Presets

Of a somewhat minor difference is the category of user presets. The Ultra-NOVA comes with a standard two, while the Washlet S7A has a whopping four user presets. 

toto washlet s7a remote control

While this is a point of difference, few would probably have a need for four individual user presets. But maybe you do? If so, let us know in the comments below! 

Color Options

The TOTO S7A is available in both white and sedona beige, while the Ultra-Nova is only available in white. Depending on your bathroom decor, this could be a deal breaker for you. 

toto s7a washlet in sedona beige


This is an area in which both seats appear to be the same at first. The standard warranty offered on the TOTO S7A Washlet (and all TOTO Washlets for that matter) is one year limited while the Ultra-NOVA has a one year full warranty. 

However, if you purchase the Ultra-NOVA through Premier Bidets, we offer a full extended three year warranty free of charge ($100 value). 

Risk Free Trial

Also worth noting is the fact that the Ultra-Nova bidet seat comes with a 60 day risk free trial and the S7A Washlet does not.

That means you can install and use the Ultra-Nova and after 60 days you're not totally satisfied, we'll actually pay you to send it back to us for a full refund. 

For more info about risk free trials you can click here


Although both bidet seats are about the same in price, when you add in auto-flush capability, the Ultra Nova+ is less expensive than the TOTO S7A with an auto-flush kit sold separately. 

Click here for the most current price of the Ultra-NOVA+

For the Washlet S7A bundled with an auto-flush kit, check out the bottom of this page here

TOTO Washlet S7A vs Ultra-NOVA: Similarities

Now that we’ve covered all the major areas of difference between these two top level bidet seats, let’s talk about all the features and functions they have in common. 

Some of the main highlights include: 

  • Auto Open/Close Lid: Enhances hygiene and convenience by eliminating the need to touch the lid, reducing the spread of germs
  • Instant Warm Water Wash: Provides immediate comfort and a soothing cleaning experience, eliminating the shock of cold water
  • Unlimited Warm Water: Ensures a continuous, comfortable cleaning experience without the worry of running out of warm water
  • Adjustable Water Temperature and Pressure: Allows personalized settings for maximum comfort and an effective cleaning experience tailored to individual preferences
  • Heated Seat: Offers added comfort and warmth, making the experience more pleasant, especially in colder weather
  • Warm Air Dryer: Provides a gentle and hygienic drying alternative to toilet paper, reducing irritation and saving on paper products
  • Nightlight: Enhances safety and convenience with subtle illumination, making nighttime visits easier without the harsh glare of regular lighting
  • Self Sterilization: Ensures the cleanliness and hygiene of the unit with automatic sterilization processes, providing peace of mind and reducing manual cleaning efforts
  • Aerated Water Wash: Delivers a more gentle and effective cleaning by infusing air into the water stream, enhancing comfort and efficiency
  • Remote Control: Offers the ultimate convenience, allowing users to easily adjust settings and personalize their experience without reaching for controls

Ultra-Nova vs TOTO S7A: Spray Pressure

The water pressure for both seats is also very similar. The max spray pressure on the TOTO S7A is 108 psi and on the Ultra-NOVA it’s max spray pressure is 105 psi. 

Both seats share most of the same hygienic features besides the aforementioned enema wash, only found on the Ultra-Nova. 

TOTO Washlet S7A vs Ultra-NOVA Reviews

For a quick recap, let’s go back over and review the main differences between these two brand new luxury bidet seats. 

Feature differences: 

  • Ultra Nova has enema wash, TOTO S7A doesn’t
  • S7A Washlet has superior self cleaning and auto-flush customization
  • TOTO S7A offers four user presets, the Ultra-Nova only offers two 
  • Washlet S7A has deodorizer feature, Ultra-NOVA doesn't

Design differences:

  • Ultra-NOVA is the sleekest seat on the market (sleeker than TOTO S7A)
  • Ultra-NOVA has a sittable lid, TOTO S7A doesn’t

Warranty Differences:

  • TOTO Washlet S7A has a 1-year limited warranty
  • Ultra-NOVA has a 3 year full warranty 

Risk Free Trial

  • The Ultra-Nova comes with a 60 day risk free trial
  • The TOTO Washlet S7A does not

It’s quite miraculous that both of these high quality bidet seats came out on the market within six months of each other. For those who prefer to feel as clean and comfortable during and after using the bathroom as possible, it’s truly a wondrous time to be a bidet enthusiast.

toto s7a washlet

For more info, you can read our Ultra-NOVA bidet seat review as well as our article comparing the Eco-NOVA and Ultra-NOVA bidet seats.

If you’d like to read our official Eco-NOVA bidet seat review, you can do so here

eco nova bidet seat

We hope that our comparison of the TOTO Washlet S7A vs Ultra-Nova bidet seat has been helpful.

If you'd like to look at more details of each bidet seat, here's the Ultra-NOVA spec sheet.

For the TOTO Washlet S7A spec sheet, click here.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions and we’ll be sure to get them answered!

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