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StudioLux SLi 5400 Bidet Toilet


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The Luxurious StudioLux SLi 5400 Bidet Toilet

Are you looking for a luxurious smart toilet with every feature imaginable? The StudioLux SLi 5400 Bidet Toilet combines sleek, modern design with advanced functionality, featuring a one-piece construction and ADA compliant seated height for enhanced comfort and accessibility. Its dual flush system and adjustable heated seat provide both eco-friendliness and customizable warmth, while the integrated bidet offers front and rear wash modes, instant water heating, and a variety of personalized settings for optimal hygiene. With additional features such as auto lid/seat operation, auto flush, LED night light, and wireless remote control, the SLI 5400 ensures a convenient, luxurious bathroom experience.

Modern and Accessible Design

The StudioLux SLI 5400 Bidet Toilet features a sleek, one-piece construction that seamlessly blends into any bathroom decor.

Designed with ADA compliant seated height (17"), it ensures accessibility and comfort for all users, making it an ideal choice for households seeking both style and functionality.

Eco-Friendly and Comfortable

With its dual flush system offering 1.28/1.0 GPF options, the SLI 5400 helps conserve water, reducing environmental impact and lowering utility bills.

The adjustable heated seat, with five temperature settings, provides customizable warmth, enhancing comfort during cold weather. The ABS scratch-resistant lid and Ez Clean ceramic surface ensure lasting durability and easy maintenance.

Advanced Bidet Functions With Remote Control

The integrated bidet of the SLI 5400 offers front and rear wash modes, an instant water heater, and adjustable water temperature and pressure settings, ensuring a thorough and personalized cleansing experience.

Additional features such as nozzle oscillation, pulsating spray, and an auto wash option combine to deliver optimal hygiene and comfort. The air dryer with three temperature settings completes the hands-free experience.

Convenience and Luxury

Enhancing convenience, the SLI 5400 comes with auto lid/seat open and close, auto flush, and a wireless remote control for easy operation.

The LED night light and new multi-color light strip provide safety and customizable ambiance during nighttime use, while the scentless deodorizer and pre-wet function ensure a fresh and clean bathroom environment.

The programmable user preset and removable wand simplify maintenance and ensure a personalized, luxurious experience every time.

StudioLux SLi 5400 Features

  • One-Piece Design with ADA Compliant Seated Height (17″): Offers a sleek, modern look while ensuring accessibility and comfort for all users.
  • Dual Flush – 1.28/1.0 GPF: Saves water by providing two flushing options, reducing environmental impact and lowering water bills.
  • Heated Seat (5 Temperature Settings): Enhances comfort, especially during cold weather, with customizable warmth.
  • Auto Lid/Seat Open and Close: Provides a hands-free experience, promoting hygiene and convenience.
  • Auto Flush: Ensures cleanliness and reduces the spread of germs by automatically flushing the toilet.
  • ABS Scratch Resistant Lid: Maintains a pristine appearance and durability, preventing unsightly scratches.
  • Ez Clean Ceramic Surface: Facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, keeping the toilet looking new.
  • Front & Rear Wash Modes: Offers thorough and personalized cleansing for better hygiene.
  • Instant Water Heater: Provides immediate warm water, ensuring a comfortable wash without waiting.
  • Adjustable Water Temperature and Water Pressure (Each Feature Has 5 Settings): Customizable settings for a perfect, personalized wash experience.
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Nozzle (5 Position Settings): Ensures optimal reach and cleaning efficiency for different users.
  • Nozzle Oscillation: Enhances cleaning by moving the nozzle back and forth, covering a wider area.
  • Pulsating Spray Option: Adds a massaging effect, improving comfort and cleaning.
  • Auto Wash Option: Combines multiple wash modes for a comprehensive clean without manual adjustments.
  • Air Dryer (3 Temperature Settings): Provides a hands-free drying experience with adjustable warmth for added comfort.
  • Pre-Wet Function: Prepares the bowl by wetting it before use, preventing waste from sticking and making cleaning easier.
  • Scentless Deodorizer: Automatically activates to eliminate odors, keeping the bathroom fresh.
  • LED Night Light: Improves visibility and safety during nighttime use without the need for bright overhead lights.
  • NEW Multi-Color Light Strip: Adds a modern aesthetic and customizable ambiance to the bathroom.
  • Programmable User Preset: Saves individual preferences for a personalized and convenient experience every time.
  • Removable Wand for Easy Cleaning: Simplifies maintenance, ensuring the wand remains hygienic.
  • Wireless Remote Control: Allows convenient operation of various features from a distance.
  • Knob on Side of Toilet: Provides easy access to additional features, offering alternative control options.

StudioLux SLi 5400 Resources

StudioLux SLi 5400 Bidet Compatibility

You will need a 12" rough-in for successful installation.

Make sure to measure your toilet's rough-in area before you order the StudioLux SLi 5400 and ensure you bathroom is compatible.

StudioLux SLi 5400 Installation Information

When you're in the market for a smart bidet toilet, it's essential to keep a few key factors in mind:

  • ensuring you have a 12" rough-in
  • having convenient access to a water source
  • GFCI electrical outlet is within 3 feet of the toilet

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StudioLux Integrated Bidet Toilet StudioLux SLi 5400 Bidet Toilet

StudioLux SLi 5400 Bidet Toilet