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StudioLux SLi 3000 Bidet Toilet


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Welcome to the StudioLux Sli 3000 Bidet Toilet

Are you looking for affordable luxury and improved hygiene in your bathroom? The StudioLux SLi 3000 is a modern intelligent bidet toilet that offers a ton of great features at a great price. Its sleek design includes a scratch-resistant lid and an easy-to-clean ceramic surface, making it a luxurious and hygienic addition to any bathroom.

Advanced Cleaning Features

The StudioLux SLi 3000 is a modern one-piece intelligent toilet equipped with a built-in bidet featuring front and rear wash modes, unlimited warm water, and an air dryer.

These features ensure a thorough and comfortable cleaning experience and are fully customizable to your own preference.

Customizable Comfort

The SLi 3000 offers customizable settings for water pressure, temperature, and seat heating.

This intelligent toilet also includes a convenient LED night light, a scentless deodorizer, and an auto flush function, all designed to enhance user comfort and bathroom hygiene.

Sleek and Hygienic Design

The StudioLux SLi 3000 boasts a sleek design with a scratch-resistant lid and an easy-to-clean ceramic surface.

These elements not only add to its luxurious appearance but also ensure that maintaining cleanliness is effortless, making it a premium addition to any bathroom.

StudioLux SLi 3000 Bidet Features

  • Dual Flush: Efficient flushing with 1.28 gallons for solid waste and 1.0 gallon for liquid waste.
  • Front and rear wash modes: Ensures comprehensive personal hygiene with options tailored for both front and rear cleaning needs.
  • Auto flush: Automatically flushes the toilet after use, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene effortlessly.
  • Unlimited warm water: Provides continuous comfort and cleanliness without the worry of running out of warm water during use.
  • Nozzle oscillation: Enhances the cleaning process by moving the nozzle back and forth, ensuring thorough cleansing of the targeted area.
  • Pulse mode: Offers a pulsating water stream for a gentle yet effective cleaning experience, ideal for sensitive areas.
  • Warm air dryer: Eliminates the need for toilet paper, providing a hands-free drying experience that promotes better hygiene.
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature: Allows users to customize their washing experience to their comfort level, ensuring a pleasant and effective clean every time.
  • Adjustable nozzle position: Ensures optimal positioning for effective cleaning, accommodating users of different sizes and preferences.
  • LED night light: Provides gentle illumination for nighttime use, enhancing safety and convenience without disrupting sleep.
  • Scentless deodorizer: Keeps the bathroom environment fresh by neutralizing odors, contributing to a more pleasant experience.
  • Wireless remote control: Offers convenient control over all functions from a distance, allowing users to adjust settings without getting up.
  • Pre-Wet Function: Automatically wets the bowl to prevent waste from sticking.
  • Heated Seat: Three temperature settings for comfort.
  • Nozzle Oscillation and Pulsating Spray: For a thorough and comfortable cleanse.
  • Warm Air Dryer: Three settings for optimal drying.
  • One-Piece Design: Modern and easy to clean.
  • Antibacterial Glaze: Keeps the toilet clean with minimal effort
  • ABS Scratch Resistant Lid: Durable and long-lasting.
  • EZ Clean Ceramic Surface: Keeps the toilet pristine with minimal effort
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping

StudioLux SLi 3000 Bidet Compatibility

You will need a 12" rough-in for successful installation.

Make sure to measure your toilet's rough-in area before you order the StudioLux SLi 3000 and ensure you bathroom is compatible.

StudioLux SLi 3000 Installation Information

When you're in the market for a smart bidet toilet, it's essential to keep a few key factors in mind:

  • ensuring you have a 12" rough-in
  • having convenient access to a water source
  • GFCI electrical outlet is within 3 feet of the toilet

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StudioLux Integrated Bidet Toilet StudioLux SLi 3000 Bidet Toilet

StudioLux SLi 3000 Bidet Toilet