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TOTO Neorest® 700H Dual Flush Bidet Toilet

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TOTO Neorest® 700H

Would you like to feel as clean as possible, while using one of the most advanced bidet toilets on the planet? Every tantalizing feature you could possibly want in the bathroom has been implemented in this smart toilet system.

The TOTO Neorest® 700H Smart Bidet Toilet offers the ultimate in luxury and cleanliness. With a bowl made from 100% vitreous china and a wider seat for extra comfort, this is the kind of bathroom experience you'll look forward to every day.

This Integrated Bidet Toilet has all the cleansing features you'd expect from a TOTO electric bidet, contained in the sleek, stylish design of anADA compliantadvanced toilet.

Enjoy a hands-off experience with an automatic opening and closing lid. No need to touch a dirty toilet seat ever again.

An air deodorizer and purifier will ensure that you're smelling and breathing only the cleanest air, while the wand and bowl are rinsed with electrolyzed water, making for a product that cleans itself.

A heated seat and adjustable warm water wash will give you the utmost in comfort, while the Tornado Flush System will wash the bowl more effectively and save water all at the same time.

Make your time in the bathroom as clean and comfortable as possible with the Neorest 700H from TOTO.


TOTO Neorest® 700H Dual Flush Bidet Toilet Highlights

Neorest® 700H Dual Flush Bidet Toilet Features

ADA and Universal Height Compliant
With automatic flushing and a seated height of 17.25,” the Neorest 700H is both ADA and Universal Height Compliant. If you or a loved one have a disability, you can rest assured knowing this smart toilet was designed with your needs in mind

Washlet with three wash modes (front, rear, soft)
Experience all the cleaning benefits of a high quality, electric bidet with adjustable wash modes for every situation.

Oscillating and pulsating comfort washing
Massage and sooth your most tender areas with gentle and effective washes designed for comfort

WONDER-WAVE Technology
The water used for cleansing your body is aerated, making for a more comfortable wash experience. This aerated water is also more effective, resulting in a morethorough clean that also uses less water than other bidets.

Automatic Lid Opening and Closing
Provides a truly hands-off, luxurious bathroom experience. The lid opens as you approach, then when you're done the lid will close behind you.

Automatic Flush
Determines how much water is needed based on how long you’ve been sitting

Dual flush function
Save water by choosing the best possible flush size, depending on what’s needed at the time

Air Deodorizer
A carbon filter keeps your bathroom smelling fresh and clean by removing unpleasant odors

Adjustable heated Seat
Never sit on an ice-cold toilet seat again and feel warm and comforted immediately all year round

Adjustable spray position
No need to move your body around to find the right spot with easily controlled sprayers. Find the perfect position for your body

CEFIONTECT® ceramic glaze
So smooth most bacteria and particulate can't cling

More effective and water efficient flushing

Remote Control Operated
Sit comfortably with remote in hand as you navigate the amazing features with ease

EWATER+ on wand and bowl
Electrolyzed water for powerful cleaning before and after each use

Energy saver timer
When your 700H is not in use, the system’s energy saver mode will kick in and make sure you’re not using electricity if you don’t have to

Built-in air purifying system
Breath with confidence knowing that the air around you is free from any harmful particulate. Not only will everything smell clean and fresh, but the air will actually be cleaner

Back-up manual flush
Just in case something unexpected happens, you can always resort back to a manual flush to ensure that everything went down and your bowl is clean

Never struggle to see your toilet bowl in a dark room again. You’ll always have a safe, guiding light to direct you to bathroom bliss

Skirted Design
Enhance your bathroom’s decor with a smooth, sleek apron that covers any unwanted bends and curves

Rough-in 12"

TOTO Neorest® 700H Dual Flush Bidet Toilet Resources

TOTO Neorest® 700H Dual Flush Bidet Toilet - Spec Sheet PDF
TOTO Neorest® 700H Dual Flush Bidet Toilet - Spec Sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
George Sheppard
It was just installed yesterday

Well, it took three days for this toilet to cross the country, and 14 days to go the last 140 miles. It finally arrived, the plumber was scheduled, and it was just installed yesterday.

The 700H is a big upgrade from my 14 year old Neorest 500, both in size and features. I had some limitations with existing walls and cabinetry but John at Premier Bidets was incredibly helpful in getting me specs so I could make the best choice for the location. I was worried that I might have to change some cabinetry, but the 700H fits perfectly, with a couple of inches to spare.

I can’t recommend Premier Bidets enough. John was very helpful. I would definitely purchase from them again.

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toto neorest 700h dual flush bidet toilet corner view

TOTO Neorest® 700H Dual Flush Bidet Toilet